Pluggin’ along


It’s been a crazy week. From the power being cut last Monday to the first snowfall to Zone Conference in Helena to stake conference this weekend. A lot of traveling and not very much proselyting – so our key indicators are like at the bottom of the barrel.

We’ve already been way busy today cleaning and laundry and we were asked to give a
blessing at like 7:30 this morning. A pretty cool experience. A really nice sister that works at the hospital called us and told us that her nonmember friend had a heart attack and she asked her if she wanted a blessing and she just jumped at the opportunity. That was our second blessing this week. It’s such a great experience being the Lord’s hands. So humbling and powerful. I love giving blessings! It helps me personally so much not to mention what the Priesthood does for others but I know I’m blessed for holding and exercising this Priesthood. I just have no words for how grateful I am, for Him and that He trusts *me*, a sinner, to use *His* power. Like. Wow…

Dillon is great even though there weren’t a lot of opportunities to really be a missionary this week but yeah 🙂 There’s so much potential here. So many less actives. We could probably double the ward (if not make a whole new ward/branch) if we reactivated all of them. I wish we had years to serve here but here’s one of the many things I learned at stake conference this weekend: we don’t have years to serve (in one area). That’s why home teaching and visiting teaching is SO important. Members of the Church ARE missionaries if they fulfill that calling. The missionaries are there to HELP the ward. Not the other way around. We are there to further the progress they are already or should
already be doing. We don’t have years but they, you, do. That’s why it is so imperative we befriend and help and nurture our wards. 1 Corinthians 3:2.

We had a great deep conversation about the priesthood with a brother in the ward (Brother Lochridge) focusing on the looked over doctrine of section 84 and that was cool. A different point of view. He’s very animated too so it makes for interesting conversation.
Like Joseph Smith in a way after that conversation: “During this time of great excitement my mind was called up to serious reflection and great uneasiness” 😛 and yeah. Elder Crockett and I had another really great conversation afterwards too. We have some deep doctrine convos. It makes me really want to read my scriptures. I have a crazy awesome testimony of prayer. He is always there. I was really struggling the other day with even just feeling the Spirit and I knelt down and offered a sincere cry for help, praying from the heart rather than the lips (#genconfreferenced), and I was given aid.

Oh hey! I got to soap box preach!!! At zone conference one of the Assistants, Elder Syrett, said “Elder Madsen, I hope you don’t hate me but will you come up here and preach for about two minutes?” So I stood on a box and in my best Brigham Young/Dan Jones voice just projected and preached about the Book of Mormon for like two minutes and apparently I did a good job cause everyone was congratulating me and taken aback and
stuff but apparently I also didn’t get any video or pictures….. Such a waste…. But Elder Syrett said I was the only person he could feel comfortable about asking that of me hah 🙂 He’s such a stud. I’m gonna miss him. He’s going home this transfer. So glad I got to meet him though!

We got a few referrals this past week from Salt Lake! The work finally seems to be progressing! Although Elder Crockett had a feeling one of us will be leaving soon. I’ve felt that too. So going back to the importance of HT and VT. We “do and go” but Ward members tend to stay. So. Yeah.

We gone on a few “splits” this week. But really we just took a priest around and showed him what it’s like. We did that twice and it went really well! So grateful for the members here in Dillon and the wonderful example they set for everyone around them. I want to let you all know that people ARE watching you. So watch yourself too.

I love reading your emails and letters and wish I had time every week to reply to them. We do a lot every Preparation Day though :/ Just know that I’m grateful for you all and your words of encouragement and letting me know how things are. Know that I’m thinking of you all and am praying for you all. And I really am grateful. You rock. Thank you so much for everything I love you all. Please feel free to ask me any questions and write me and I’ll try to respond. Thank you all so much. I love you all 🙂

P.S. The dog that had been chasing us ran into our car one day and then ran off.  Hasn’t chased us since.



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