Transfers are coming, and it’s Deep Clean Monday


Well. I really dislike deep clean Monday. Transfers are next week so we literally have to make everything perfect in our apartment just in case. Ugh. Oh well. I’m more just bummed that it takes away precious time to write family and friends. So we’ll do it like this:

Monday- we went on exchanges. I stayed in Dillon with Elder Cardiff. Elder Crockett went to Butte with Elder Merrell. That was cool. We also had district pod ball game. Fun stuff. We saw a few less actives and met a super young couple (young as in she’s my age and he is a few months older) in our ward who just got married and are looking to get
sealed. So that’s freaking legit. I’m so excited for them. 🙂

Tuesday- Exchange day part 2 saw more less actives that Elder Cardiff taught while he was here in Dillon last year. Found out that there is a family nearby that just barely lost their son last Thursday night. That hit me hard. We paid them a visit. I talked to the sister of the boy (she’s only a junior). Her parents weren’t home but I had the wonderful opportunity of being filled with the spirit and testifying of the simple truths that God is there and that He loves her and that she’ll see her brother again. The spirit was quite overwhelming on that doorstep. She started crying. I started crying. Elder Cardiff didn’t because he has no soul. I felt humbled and rather inadequate that the Lord would have me be His hands in that kind of way. She told me that she and her parents were Catholic. I reassured her that we were not here to convert or convince her that our church was right and hers is wrong but that we are only here to help heal. I gave her my number. She gave us hers. I hope they call. Because this message can and WILL heal them.

Wednesday- pretty uneventful. Elder Crockett and I reunited. And we began finding again.

Thursday- early morning we were called to give a blessing to a nonmember at the hospital who had two heart attacks in the last week. Yikes. I had the opportunity to give the blessing. It is a blessing to those of us who use the Priesthood to bless others. It’s so interesting. The Priesthood, like other things in the church, IS a blessing to those who use its holy power BUT not in the way we think it will. “No power or influence can, or ought to, be maintained by virtue of the priesthood…” But when we use it the way it is intended, God blesses us too. It’s wonderful. And so unfair. Unfair as in we don’t deserve anything He does for us. But He does it anyway 🙂

Friday- kinda uneventful. Some service here and there. We helped out some old Catholic ladies with their thrift store. That was pretty dang fun I’d have to say. We LOVE service opportunities. We jump on them 🙂 more finding. No teaching. Ugh.  At 10:45 that night I was finishing up writing a letter when we got a frantic call from a brother who was here from Utah to come and give his fiancée a blessing, also at the hospital. She had been trapped under a car that had rolled on her (!!) And to make things better they were getting sealed next week. Awesome. So we flew. We got dressed so fast. We were on the road in 8 mins. Which seems like a long time. But we were in full pjs. We went from pjs to full suit and everything in 8 mins. Record timing.

Saturday and Sunday we went to Jackson (Big Hole) and worked there. Church was cool. Small branch. And it was a farewell. How’s that for timing? We’d never been out there so that’s cool. We got back late last night. Those roads are sketchy. We had no idea where we were going once the sun went down. We blew thru 200 miles yesterday. Not even kidding. We saw several deer and elk and “Californian elk” and a raccoon the size of a pony and a skunk and a pretty big coyote all last night. And hardly any cars. So that was fun.

Monday- today we did laundry. Worked on another roof. And cleaned. And that’s. It.  I know. I hate how fast this day goes by. But it was fun working on the roof.

Elder Madsen


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