One transfer down


“….after ye have gotten into this strait and narrow path, I would ask if all is done?                          Behold, I say unto you: Nay.”

Wow. A whole transfer down. Dang. Weird. But good news! Elder Crockett is being transferred to Kalispell. I’m staying here in Dillon. And I think I might be training…. Ah! 😬😳🤔

Just kidding. We’re both staying here. For now. I’ll finish training here at least. That much I know.

So for my weekly email I’ve decided to break things down:

Monday- it was Pday. We did laundry. Helped on a members roof (different than the roof before). Elder Crockett got scratched by an old nail. On Tuesday he consented to get a shot. We emailed a little. Blew what little money we had left. Deep clean Monday.

And….. Then we taught a less active woman. And also a less active couple. Man they are so cool and nice and stuff. I mean they are young. Way young. Our age young. And they are looking to get sealed in the temple!! So we are helping them along with that 🙂 I’m so excited for them. It’s totally gonna happen!! We are teaching them tonight too! And they came to church yesterday. Sick! They are on their way to victory. And of course they both rodeo so I’m dying over here like, “oh my goodness, I want to be you…” But not out loud! “I didn’t say it. I thought it. In my mind. If you were reading my mind you’d be like, ‘what?'”.

Tuesday- we did service at an elderly couple’s home. Non members. Raked their leaves and had a great conversation about temples and forever families. 🙂 Then we did splits with some of the priests in the second Ward. I didn’t really have any life changing experiences but Elder Crockett met an Amish guy and his family! Lucky duck. Probably one of the only Amish people in the whole state. (I actually have no idea what the percentage of Amish people is here 😛 I just know I haven’t seen very many). Then we taught a lesson to one of our 9 yr old investigators. That went…. Well.

Then we raced over to another appointment. We met Tami and Matt. An older couple. Not married. Yet. We hope. And started teaching them. We were doing some training in the Library when Tami and Matt were there. She asked us if we were Mormons. I love it when people say that. Hah 😛 “there are the Mormons.” “Are you Mormons?” “Dad the Mormons are here!” Just stuff like that make me smile. We are promised in PMG that those who are prepared will recognize us as Servants of Lord. As “Mormons” we are really “Servants of Lord”. I love it when people fulfill prophecy without realizing it. Hah! Makes my day 🙂 so we had a freaking fantastic lesson with them! The Spirit was so strong! We had a long lesson with them. But oh it was such a good one 🙂

Wednesday- the only thing I have to report on this day is that we met someone with zero morals. None. It was ridiculous. I saw the true meaning of Babylon within him. We had about an hour long conversation. It continued to get worse. As we would stand up for our standards, specifically chastity, and back them with scripture he would blow us off. That conversation sparked a huge study session of chastity and morals for the next few days. October 1980 – President Kimball speaks out on morality. A must read. And BYU devo Love vs Lust – Kimball. A must see or hear. I encourage everyone to look them up. Be warned: his words are bold. But necessary and true. President Kimball was as true as any prophet these days and he knows what he’s talking about.

Thursday- travelled to Jackson and did tracting there. Had a lesson with Tom. He accepted a Book of Mormon and to,d us he’d read it. Such a great lesson. The Spirit was there. I hope he accepts the gospel. I hope somebody does…. We’re in a drought here. And I’m just thirsting to find someone.

Friday- we had service at the Catholic thrift store. And then dinner with a nice young family. Good dinner. Cobb Salad. Yum 🙂 and then a lesson with a less active and her non member husband. Nifty fifty. 🙂

Saturday- did finding. Taught the Amish guy’s wife. He wasn’t home :/ darn. Oh well. We taught about The Family and temples and it was great and she took it really well. Loves finding common ground between us and her (she’s Catholic). And then a fireside in Butte with Elder Evanson of the Seventy.

Sunday- amazing sacrament meeting and church with Elder Evanson! We were able to talk with him afterwards and he emailed us his notes from his talks. So yeah. Now I have a general authority’s email. No biggy 🙂 He is such a nice man. Just a real down-to-earth guy.

Monday- today. What do you want to know? Happy Halloween? We did some service setting up stuff for a Halloween party. See pics below. Did laundry. Haven’t gone shopping yet. But we cleaned the apartment. We need to clean the car too. Still a lot of stuff to do but we got paid today so that’s sweet. We also got haircuts this morning. My hair was getting way long. It’s much better now.

Anyway, please ask me questions. I’d love to answer them. Either personally or on here. It would make it easier to write my email that way 😛 I love you all.

Look up those Kimball Talks! Thank you so much for your emails and prayers. They help more than you know. I love you all. The Church is true. The Book is blue. And God is a Mormon. (You don’t need to put that last part mom) hah 🙂 I love you all. God bless!
— Elder Madsen


Here are the talks mentioned:

Love vs Lust

Eternal Families






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