The work is…getting there



Yesterday was regional conference with over 130 stakes in central North America participating. Elder Rasband was presiding. It was an awesome conference. They hit temples a lot. Quite a few talks on temples, which was quite a blessing. We have a less active couple that we are working with. They just got married this summer and are looking at getting sealed. They have come to church the last like 3 weeks and these talks were just for them! Tender mercies. Look up David A. Bednar ‘s first real address in general conference as an apostle. He talks about tender mercies.

This week. Hmm. We’ve really been struggling. Our stake has a firm goal of 20 lessons a week. Which isn’t bad at all. Nor is it impossible or improbable. Our best week we actually had 23 lessons. But this week we had about 9. That hits me super hard. I know this probably isn’t good to think, but it makes me think I’m not doing enough as a missionary. That I need to be pushing myself harder and harder. But it’s hard because I know most of it isn’t anything I’m doing wrong. What’s hard is trying and being rejected because you know how necessary this is. And you love them so much you want them to feel the same way! I really do love Dillon and the people here. But a lot of them don’t see what I see. So it’s certainly disheartening. Being a missionary is super fun at times. But so, so hard. The stake presidency was relieved when they learned we were staying here. I don’t really know why. What I do know is that I need to put my whole trust in Him. I fasted yesterday for help. Or rather began fasting, a member invited us over for lunch and I didn’t want to be rude. I felt better (spiritually) but I still feel like I’m in a rut. It’s a bit discouraging.

What else? Oh we switched drivers this week so that was fun. We keep finding a lot of service opportunities which I love. I love, love, love service! It not only allows us to help and interact with others, but it feels good, and gives some diversity to the day to day life. Every Friday morning we’ve been helping some old Catholic ladies with sorting and inventory for their thrift store in the basement of the Catholic Church. They love us hah 🙂

We’ve blown through a lot of miles on our car going to Jackson and Wisdom and such. We broke 50,000 miles. This mission retires cars at about 50,000 miles so we are hoping and praying for a truck.

We also go to Butte a lot for meetings. We had the zone training meeting and the stake transfer meeting this week. We went to go visit a referral and the sisters beat us there…. That was awkward. Especially since the sisters were there when we went to visit her. Apparently they have her records even though she’s in our area. Which, doesn’t make sense. The sisters should have sent us her records if that was the case. But whatever it’s fine I guess. It’s just the teaching “pool” is more of a teaching “puddle”. This Ward and Stake is struggling, wanting and needing somebody strong. I don’t want to let them down.

I don’t enjoy bible bashing, but in the past I enjoyed the idea of proving why we are right with the scriptures cause it’s so apparent to me. I mentioned that while at dinner with a member. The member replied “but that never converted anybody”. He was right. It is not becoming of a representative of Jesus Christ. Low and behold, we met a bible basher the next day. And whoosh the went the spirit. It never converts anybody. Trial and error and trial by fire. That’s really what a mission is. But the thing is, with every little mistake, I have no idea how many it will affect. How many people will or won’t be brought closer to God because of my actions is quite frightening.

So that’s a basic rundown of my week. Not a lot really happened. Nothing terribly outlandish. We keep meeting wonderful people and members alike. The work is.. getting there.

The food is always amazing. I’ll never get tired of steak and potatoes which is mostly what we get fed here 😉 hah! I love it 🙂 Last night dinner was so phenomenal! Like that was legit steak! Like as-big-as-my-plate steak. I should have taken a picture. It was truly the definition of the word heavenly. The food is so great. The people are good (for the most part 😉).

Something that I really loved from regional conference was D&C 81:5 (3-7). Elder Rasband shared that scripture at the very end of his talk. With the idea of “One by One” and how much the gospel is so personal and so individual. The savior lifts us up and saves us and teaches us one by one. Prayers are answered one by one. Songs are sung one by one. Doors are knocked one by one. Hearts are opened one by one. Each of us returns to the Father one by one. I encourage all of you to follow the Doctrine found in section 81. Be that for someone else, and love it. Open hearts and minds and leave the ninety and nine and one by one bring them back to the fold. One by one. The Savior needs each and every one of us if we are to complete the work He has for us to do. 🙂 I love you. I love this church. I love the gospel. And I love being a missionary. I love serving and helping others.

One by one.
In reverence of the name of the best life this world has ever known, Jesus the Christ, amen.

— Elder Madsen


Wow. This week was even worse than last week picture wise. Oops….. I will promise to try to take more pictures and more of me. But that being said:image1Only in Montana


Thanks, landlord



Butte Zone Plan




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