70 degrees in November


Yep. That’s right, Bob. Global warming is a thing. It’s not every November you see 70 degrees on the forecast! Kids were in shorts and t-shirts. It felt great! Except for the two elders wearing suits cause of zone training in Butte…

Yeah. That’s what we did on Friday. Woke up early and taught seminary (Mark 9) and then left for Butte at like 8:20. We didn’t leave Butte until 6:45-ish that night. It was a long day. We did training. I learned a lot about prayer. Broke for lunch. Came back together. Did interviews and such with the zone lords.. I mean…. leaders. And then we went to Walmart to get a couple things that we don’t have in Dillon. Like handsoap and a flash drive. You know. The bare necessities. And then took our car into the shop to fix our windshield fluid reservoir. Which took only about an eternity. So we just planned at McDonald’s while I tried to fight off a migraine from Satan himself. It actually wasn’t that bad. But it was super annoying.

On the home a miracle happened. I almost hit two deer but I didn’t! So I was driving with my brights off because the car in front was too close. And I had for some reason been thinking about accidents all day and deer and what to do in that situation when I could barely make out two silhouettes crossing the freeway. I was going 80 miles an hour around a corner when it happened. I felt my body was taken over by the spirit as I grab the wheel and swerved and at that speed with the maneuvering that I had done, I should have wrecked the car or hit the deer or something. I felt a power beyond me not only save our car, but perhaps our lives as well. I gave thanks to the Lord for helping me see. And also for causing me to perhaps act instinctively as I never really have had to dodge a deer in the road yet. He was looking out for us and it was nothing short of a miracle.

I have been spiritually progressing, even of the work hasn’t been. Last week was kind of a refiner’s fire for me. The Lord, I believe, was teaching me to rely on Him. I learned not only a lot about prayer this week but also about myself. In D&C 18:15 it says bring save it be ONE soul unto Him and we will have joy. The one is us. That much is clear. However in Matt 10:39 it teaches us if we go to work because it brings us salvation, we will lose it. But if we go to work, even if it’s slow, hard, nobody is listening, or whatever, and yet still take no thought for ourselves but only for the children of our Father. Take no thought for yourselves, the scriptures teach. That is something I’m trying to learn.

We met another bible basher this week. We handled it a lot better than the first one we met. And apparently our side of Dillon is where all of the bible bashers live. Because the sisters haven’t met any yet. Huh boy. Oh well. This one was not very friendly at all. He was so anti he probably was a member at one point 😛 It is hard because they don’t know how much they need this. Moses 7:41. I know what I am feeling is nowhere near to what God feels and what Enoch felt. But it is a portion. And it is terribly sad.

Oh my heck! Yesterday was amazing! You know how two paragraphs I said the work isn’t progressing? Well that was definitely the situation as of Saturday night. Scratch plan A and B. We were scratching to get a plan Q in. We made several long lists of people to call and people to see. Every single one of them either didn’t pick up, or the number or address was wrong, or they weren’t home, or they were busy, or whatever. It was so hard to stay busy. I was extremely discouraged. But the Lord knows me. And He showed to me His tender mercies. Just as I’m on the brink of discouragement and failure in my mind, 5 less actives we had been working with showed up to church as well as one of our investigators!!! And 4 of them stayed all of church!! My heart was full as one of our less actives (Amara) bears her testimony of us and the spirit we bring into her home and how our efforts will be felt forever. How because of us, her non member husband has started praying with her daughter! Just when I thought we weren’t getting anywhere, the Lord decided to bless me with a very sweet, tender mercy. Especially since I was under the impression that my efforts were all for naught (and we haven’t seen that particular less active in two weeks because her family has been very sick). It’s amazing how the Lord knows what we need exactly when we need it! I pray that I can keep an eternal perspective.


Fun fact: these hide bins have been filled to overflowing and emptied three times already.


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