A life of convenience can never bring happiness…


This has been a full week. President Wadsworth called us on Wednesday. Told us that we are now converting the Sheridan and Whitehall and Big Hole and Dillon areas now! Like holy cow. What a load. I’m just praying we will be able to cover everyone we need to. I am praying we will be able to handle it and find time for those who need us. And for miles conservation. It will be like that until at least the end of the transfer which is December 14th. There are quite a few people we think we can put on date for baptism.

Yesterday when we were at Jackson, we prayed about if we should go north to wisdom or south to Polaris. We have had limited time and miles. Elder Crockett and I prayed. I felt the biggest urge to go to Polaris to talk to a woman we met several weeks ago. We decided to go to Polaris and she wasn’t home. In fact no one we visited opened the door. We didn’t know what was up. I wondered why the Spirit would tell me so strangely to go to Polaris when He knew we were limited on time and miles. We went home after that and I thought about it. And I figured that there would have been some problem we would have ran into in Wisdom. Some danger He wanted us to avoid. Or perhaps it was just a test of my faith and willingness to obey. No one knows. Nor will anyone know. But He does. And that is all that matters.

We have interviews tomorrow in Butte with President. Sick :). And we get a truck today!!!!!! Just for the transfer but still!!!!!!!! I am so pumped. I get to drive a truck!!

Yesterday was a great day. We went to the Big Hole Branch and we spoke. Elder Crockett talked about faith and hope and missionary work. I talked about missionary work and the atonement. It was awesome. The spirit was pretty strong as each of us bore powerful witnesses of the truths we knew. However “I don’t boast in my own strength. I boast in my God. In the [MBM] we hold to the rod!” Haha yeah 🙂 but anywho. I was happy that we could go to see the branch. It had been a long time. But I was sad that we missed church in Dillon. It was the primary program and one of our investigators, Beau, did a part and his less active grandma showed up also. However his mom doesn’t think he is old enough to get baptized (or rather old enough to make that sort of decision and commitment) but he really wants to. So we’re continuing to work with him. Amara showed up to church. Cory didn’t. That’s okay. We’re still working with them. I think Amara’s daughter was in the program too. She’s adorable. But crazy too. She likes untying my shoes when I go to her house. Teaches me patience 🙄😉 but no one else showed up 😕

Saturday night was even better than Sunday! We taught a lesson to two of our investigators; a couple, Matt and Tami in Brother and Sister Hildreth’s home. That was the epitome of flippin awesome 🙂 we knocked the Restoration out of the park! Tami was taught before. Years ago. And her two daughters were baptized and I believe they were both sealed in the temple. But Tami wasn’t baptized because she had some WoW problems but really wants to be baptized. Matt, her boyfriend, is Catholic but is really open to our message. We keep praying he will continue to stay that way. I think baptism and later, temple marriage is totally a realistic hope and dream. The only thing is is that she is moving up to a city called Conrad. We will be working closely with the Elders up there. They will teach her and we will be also teaching her via phone or FaceTime or Skype or something. We also want to teach Matt while she is gone. Which actually works to our advantage for a few reasons. One is that they are on different spiritual levels. Another is that, because she is living in Conrad, they are not living together and we could potentially baptize him before they get married (which is a plan of theirs).

Other than that, the week has gone pretty decently. The second I stepped out of the shower this morning we got a call to go to the hospital and give a blessing to a member who went in early this morning because of kidney stones. They took her to Bozeman in an ambulance right after. But it was a good experience. We give a lot of blessings which is a super cool experience. I seriously felt the spirit just speak through me as I laid my hands on her head. It’s a magnificent experience for not only those getting blessed, but for those who bless. It’s incredibly humbling to have that kind of responsibility to hold the priesthood. But I’m grateful the Lord trusts me enough to have me hold His priesthood. “It is better to be trusted than to be loved” Elder Christofferson. It helps me always strive to be better 🙂

We met a super less active person and his Catholic wife who want their baby blessed. We talked a lot about that with them. And set up another appointment 🙂 sick! Speaking of which, Elder Crockett got sick. And then I got sick. So that’s fun. But nothing stops us! We kept going. We are getting over them now. My cold is almost gone. Amazing! Because it’s only been a week. And colds for me always last like at least a month. The Lord is looking out for us 🙂 He cares about every one of us, His servants. And that means everyone. If you have desires to serve God, you are His servant. Simple as that. Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

The rest of the week has gone pretty alright. Ripple still gives us so much food! It’s kind of ridiculous. But we’ve started to give it away to those who don’t have as much. So we are still being grateful and helping at the same time! Boom missionaryed!

Other than that, I’ve had a great week! I love recognizing His hand in my life. I encourage you all to study Enos and prayer in the BD. It is wonderful. I love this Gospel. I love you all and I’m so grateful that I am on the errand of the Lord :

And also, thanks for the Thanksgiving package. I loved it! I hung the garland by my bed. I had a wonderful conversation with Father last night. I just spent about an hour on my knees just pouring out my soul and just talking. I didn’t know it was an hour or so until my knees began to hurt. Time just flew. I loved it. I felt such peace and comfort.

We are going to several places on thanksgiving….. Serving at the Catholic center, and then going to Whitehall. And then back here to Dillon. And then yeah. Hopefully I finally get snow! Not a single flake last week. 😦 sad.

Love you so much!

— Elder Madsen

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