Light the World


P-day! Same as always. Laundry. Cleaning. Boomerang throwing. The usual. My week was relatively good. Yes, indeed.

First of all, Thanksgiving. Huh boy. We ate three different dinners at 3 different places. It truly was an adventure. I obviously ate more food than normal. However I didn’t gorge myself and didn’t hate myself or food afterwards which was good. 😉

Tuesday we had interviews with President Wadsworth in Butte. 🙂 When we got back, we served at the food pantry that was super fun. They were really busy this week. They really like us coming over and we love serving so it works out great. Then we drove out to Whitehall to meet Bishop Williams and Brother Hartwig (the Ward Mission Leader) and discussed plans of attack. That was quite enjoyable. I’ll tell you, I’ll be sad when they put new missionaries in Sheridan and Whitehall. I’ve already connected so well with those who I met and I already feel such a deep love for them it’s somewhat ridiculous. I will be extremely sad to not work with them anymore.

And then Wednesday we had district meeting in Butte. And then drove to Whitehall and worked out there the rest of the day. And then got back, ate dinner and then went to a lesson. Now this lesson is sweet. She posted on the Dillon Classifieds asking how to get her baby “baptized Mormon”. We contacted her, set up an appointment, and kindly explained the difference between blessing and baptism. Her name is Megan. His is Leonard. Leonard was baptized when he was 8 but hasn’t been back to church since, so all of this is fairly new to him too. It was really cool though we talked about Priesthood and priesthood blessings and we told Megan if she wanted to learn more we could set up another lesson. She wanted to. So we set up a lesson on Friday. Our WML came with us to that first meeting he left with them 3 Nephi 11 to read. Then on Friday, we talked a lot about 3 Nephi 11. She read it a whole bunch after we left. Just over and over again. She loved it. Just ate it up. We actually invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! So wow!! So amazing how everything happened. Just perfect timing. And she is definitely prepared.

Back home when I went on splits with Elder Giles I asked him who the “Golden Investigators” were. His answer was people who believed in Christ but were not terribly religious. And that’s true. Thye are the most prepared. And I totally see that in Megan. We wanted to have her baptized on the 24 and confirmed on Christmas. But she wanted Leonard’s active Gma there who lives in Oregon. So we are shooting for News Years Eve and day for dunking and confirming 😉 oh it’s so cool. I’m super excited.

However, we are getting really apprehensive, Elder Crockett and I are. He’s never been doubled in before. And neither has he stayed with a companion for more than 2 transfers. So one of us is almost for sure leaving. But because we got here at the same time, it’s a total guess to who goes first. I really want to stay. Obviously he does too. Some members are thinking about hiding us in their basements when transfers come around so we don’t leave. And then wait until president forgets about us so yeah that’s cool. I don’t know how it will work out. But I just know I need to put my trust in God. Worry is believing God won’t get it right. My week did pass relatively quickly.

Friday was full of service. We worked at the Catholic community basement like always and then we helped a member move. We were the only ones that showed up so that was fun….. And then we had Megan and Leonard that night and put her on date so yeah 🙂

Saturday was our planning day because how much service was happening on Friday. We had a few lessons that day.

We only had about 10 lessons this week :/ not too good. We did have 17 scheduled lessons but about 7 cancelled. Tanner and Libby are doing great. They and Megan and Leonard and even Sister Jorgensen (a less active we have only seen twice) and her son showed up to church. That was cool. Elder Crockett and I gave the opening and closing prayers in sacrament meeting.

Funny you mention Light The World. Hah 🙂 that was gonna be a huge topic in my email today. So thanks for stealing my thunder, mom. But no I’m super excited that you are totally on board. But being a missionary, we get sneak peeks at everything church related basically.  We’ve got the video and calendar and cards and even an app on our iPads! Please get the word out and help light the world. Post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) with the hashtag #LightTheWorld like it’ll be so good and just help get the news out there.

But no it’s been a really good week. Our Christmas conference is this week in Helena. Pretty stoked about that. Should be good. I love singing Christmas music again 🙂 heck yeah. Boom Christmased.

I’m so ready for this his season. I really don’t want to get transferred away….. But I will go and do.



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