That ye may stand blameless


This week has been carazy!
We had 19/20 lessons; a lot better than last week but still not preferred. Okay. Let’s see.
Monday- had some great lessons that night with Tanner and Libby. They are progressing nicely.
Tuesday and Wednesday- all we did was a lot of service mostly. A lot of our service is like food pantry, food bank, shoveling walks, collecting donations, inventory at the thrift store.

Thursday- Christmas Zone Conference in Helena. Woke up at like 5:30 and got ready and it was wonderful. I felt like everything was tailored directly to me. Isn’t it interesting how the Gospel works that way? Oh man. The Church is so true. The Book of Mormon was reemphasized so much. It’s so necessary for our salvation. Like seriously. Do we understand that the key to everything is found in this book?!! Oh my goodness. It’s so wonderful! I have a testimony of its power and I add my testimony to that of millions of others all over the globe past, present, and future who shout out Hosanna and proclaim the divinity of this marvelous work! It absolutely contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and it is the most correct book on earth and a man will indeed get closer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any. Other. Book. Our ancestors knew it. We know it. Our unborn children are cheering us on and helping us along the way. The love us and are trying to sustain us. We need to be better for them. I know that some of us have already borne children and are done in that sense. But there are spirits who are still helping us. Always.
Friday- we did service, made our tree, and worked until we went to Whitehall for dinner and then to meet up with our zone leaders and bishop Williams to discuss our plans and found out that sister Jensen should be back in the area which is sweet and then to begin our exchange. That night was sweet. We goofed around and played Scum and Uno and wrestled a bit and threw a lizard named John Cena around and tried to go to Narnia (a few times) and failed (every time). In all, we were dorks and had a blast.
Saturday- Elder Merrell and I drove to Butte and did service there, and ate lunch at taco del sol which was heavenly, I do believe Angels were singing. However my stomach was not singing. Then drove back to Whitehall, drove around looking for some people to no avail…., drove to Sheridan for a lesson with the Moore family (That was sweet. Again, the Book of Mormon was hit way hard and the spirit was crazy there). The mother, Lisa, who is not a member had the tv muted but on and during the lesson she would be glancing up every now and then, but as soon as we started to explain the power of the Book in our own lives and our own deeply personal and powerful witnesses and testimony of it, bam. She was locked in. She felt the spirit and knew it. I loved that look in her eyes! And then drove back to Whitehall for dinner with Bishop Williams and then drove back to Sheridan to meet a progressing older elder who is getting ready to go to the temple. Sister Hansen introduced us. That was super cool. He is a great guy. Feisty old fellow.

Sunday- Church was really good. Third hour was break the fast which I thought was kind of odd but okay. Megan and Leonard came to church again. As did Amara. And Tanner and Libby. There was actually quite a lot of people at church yesterday, it was quite nice to see. I don’t know if her classifieds post still exists but I will find out and save it 🙂 it is a wonderful story. Then we watched the first presidency devotional at the Sandalls house with Leonard and Megan. That was super cool. Loved it. And the music was great and the colors were awesome (Go Bees). It was also Isaac’s b day (their son) and so we celebrated. Then Malachi (the youngest) we think got a concussion at church. So we gave him a blessing. I anointed. Brother Sandall sealed and blessed. I love the power of the priesthood. It’s so wonderful.

This week has been very good. I’m always striving to be a better missionary and to reach out and serve and love others. I really do love them. But I am no longer scared of transfers. I know wherever I go is where I’m needed most. I love you thank you so much for your letters and emails of encouragement and love. I wish I had time and the means to reply to all of you. So, let us just all press on in the work of the Lord. I know this church is true. If I didn’t feel and know it with every single fiber, I would not be out here. But it’s true. I know it. I know that God knows it. And like Joseph Smith, I cannot deny it. Let us light the world this season. I love you all.

— Elder Madsen


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