Goodbye, Dillon

It’s amazing what you find when you raid the primary room. …


So yeah. I’m going to Wyoming.  And what’s even weirder is that it was Elder Crockett’s last area, that he came to Dillon from. So weird. Guess I have to clean up all of the mistakes he made 😉 but yeah. Crockett is staying here. I leave Wednesday for Helena. And then will travel to Billings, and then Sheridan, WY and finally Gillette. I will be in the car for a long time. I’m sad to leave Dillon! Especially Megan and Leonard. And Matt and Tami. And Luke. They are all so close to baptism. So much good is happening here it feels so inconvenient to leave. But, I will go and do. If Gillette is where the Lord wants me, then Gillette is where I will go. And serve.

Gillette 1st and 2nd wards are in my district. My new companion is Elder Stephen Loehr. I don’t know really anything about him. He used to wrestle. So that will be fun. 😉 I’m going to be packing most of today and some of tomorrow. I won’t have very much time to email.

Also, I’m gonna miss all of the amazing Pilipino food here in Dillon. It’s amazing.  Yes, I’m serious.


Last pics of the whole zone together:





This was a thoroughly embarrassing/maybe awesome story. They didn’t ask me what they wanted my name to be on the receipt. So you can imagine my face when they called out “Jesus. Your order is ready!” And I was all like “no! Elder. The name is Elder! I am not Jesus!” However looking back on it, although we were in a busy McDonald’s restaurant, and I received lots of strange looks, it gave me more insight to my own calling. I am indeed a representative of JESUS CHRIST. and I proudly wear His name on my chest every day. I just hope I can be worthy to bear His name always. That I can hope to be a profitable servant.

There is a lot of pressure on missionaries to be as perfect as possible. But I know I don’t have to suffer the wine press alone. I love serving my Master. And wish to do it with ALL of my heart, might, mind, and strength. This embarrassing story gave me a very deep and lasting lesson to learn. I may not be Jesus. But I am trying be like Him and I also am indeed a personal representative of the Lord. My calling is great. I just hope I can measure up.

— Elder Madsen


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