Hello, Gillette

Our Dillon landlord Bro Frecker made me a sick leather tie

Wow. What a week. It’s kinda been a slow blur. If that makes any sense. I’ll give you a rundown:
Monday- last zone preparation day. Full of pod ball and basketball and bowling. It was sick. Had missionaries sign my goodbye journal.

Tuesday- made appointments with those who I would probably miss the most and gave them my final testimony and wished them well and gave away contact information. And had some members also sign my journal. Attended institute for the last time. And learned a powerful lesson about what a good shepherd does when he puts away the sheep. As He stands at the door and inspects them one by one, He treats the injuries as needed. Not necessarily as wanted. Pretty cool stuff. And finished packing up the apartment. And Brother Frecker made me super sweet leather tie! Oh man. So cool.

Wednesday- woke up at 6. Picked everything up. Put it in the car. Left my beanie in Dillon. I was upset. Went to seminary and said goodbye one last time to those flipping amazing youth. Got in the car and went from Dillon to Butte. Butte to Helena. Helena to Bozeman. Bozeman to Billings (where president compared hugging me to hugging a brick wall. Sick). Billings to Sheridan. Sheridan to Buffalo. Buffalo to Gillette. Needless to say, it was a long day. Met my companion, Elder Stephen Loehr from Mesa, Arizona.

Thursday- had some appointments that went pretty well. I’m also the driver and everything is so disorienting.

Friday- snow day. Told not to Proselyte cause of how cold it was. So we played out in the snow cause we were crazy bored. Wrote some letters. Did extra study. Napped some. Cleaned some. Elder Loehr lost his iPad this night. In the snow.

Saturday- yet another cold day. We look for his pad. The parking lot was plowed. So we begin digging in the snow piles looking for it. I decided to have fun with it so I started building an ice cave. Had a a amazing different dinner with flipping amazing noodles and this cool salad thing. I’ll have to get the recipe and send it to you because everyone must try this. It is amazing.

Sunday- first sacrament in the new Ward. It was pretty good. Church was good. We had a lot of meetings that day. We continue digging for the iPad. And he is getting ticked and I am getting cold and tired and voila! We found it!!! It was so crazy we were laughing and screamin and it was great. Faith without works is dead right? 😂😄 it was really cool. And so he threw it in the apartment and cranked the heat up and let it thaw out. I mean it was frozen solid from over 48 hours out in that sub zero weather.

Monday- today. Laundry. Christmas shopping for comps.

I need to get a haircut next week. Yeah. I think that’s everything. I’m typing this without wifi because every companionship with the keys to the church are out shopping and every companionship without the keys are chilling together. Bored. Oh well. Nonetheless it is still so nice being in a bro zone and district. I have missed hanging out with other elders all the time. It’s nice being so close to each other. But I wish our companions would hurry up.

But yeah. I’m already a little “mission sick”. I miss Dillon. A lot. I loved it there. I’m just hoping I can still jump in with both feet and work my heart out. Or rather, my pride. I do love being a missionary. I love the opportunities available to us to talk with others everywhere we go. I love being able to represent my Savior. I love the stories I hear from home and from other missionaries. They boost my own spirits. I’m grateful to be here. In the cold (better than the heat). I’m thankful that my great aunt lives here and that my aunt has served here. I’m thankful for the scriptures and what they say. I’m thankful for light the world and living prophets and apostles. Oh how grateful I am for them! Im grateful for my companion and President Wadsworth even though he’s tempting me by putting me with another elder that wrestles. 😉

I’m thankful for the everlasting atonement. I really do rely on it so much. It’s so so great. I’m so glad life isn’t fair. If it was, we would be even more far off than we already are but because of the grace of God we shall not yet be cast off. Isn’t that wonderful! ☺️😄 I’m so excited for Christmas. I saw a wonderful video in gospel principles that illustrates the need to help. The song “What shall we give” by Motab was playing in the background and oh my goodness. I think a bug flew into my eye during that video because dang. It was powerful. Find someone who is having a hard time and do something for them. Today, tomorrow, every day. Forever. Especially because it’s Christmas.

I love you all so much. Have a great week!


Amara and Cory


Their daughter Constance. She is such a cute trouble maker

President Dustin. He’s such a stud.
The Hughes family
Megan and Leonard, slated for baptism 12/31



The Sandall family

Coolest youth ever


Payton and Savannah.  Gonna miss them!!
Snow Day!  And we lost the iPad. 
Miraculously found it!




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