My beautiful family

Christmas Day eve…. finally made it home safe and sound. I was very comfortable. And I slept well. I loved being able to talk to you. My cup truly did “runneth over”. My heart was full. And I loved every second of Christmas. Except the inordinate amount of blizzard yesterday…. it’s fine. We almost got into only a few wrecks…. but the Lord watches out for us. For which I am so thankful.

Church was amazing and inspiring. I got a lot out of it. I hope you did too! This was my third Christmas on Sunday. I remember the first two times were just devastating. I was like “no! We have to go to church today?”  As I have gotten older I now realize the great blessing it is to have church on Sunday. So spiritually filling and it really helps point our focus to Him, Who made ALL of this possible.

Light the World has been such a blessing. To share and to do. I hope and I challenge you to take with you the principles learned throughout this light the world initiative into your daily, weekly, and seasonal and annual lives. Build your life on Christ. And the Lord promises that when the Devil comes, you cannot fall. And He always keeps His promises. Find the joy He offers us. And the peace. And the mercy.

I plead with you to drink from the Fountain of Everlasting Water. And thirst never more. He is the only Way. The only Truth. And the only Life. His name is the only Name whereby any of us can be saved and it all happened because He was born. And because He lived. And because He died. And especially because He lives again!! Oh sweet the JOY this sentence gives: I know that MY Redeemer lives!


Well, I WAS dreaming of a white Christmas



Really happy that Ferrara (from MTC) and I got some time together.  He’s serving in my zone now.



Opening gifts
Merry Christmas from Madsen and Loehr!


Ward Christmas party




Cool shot from personal study tim
Zone Conf
We made muffins for a neighbor gift.  Unfortunately no one was home.


Hunt Family
Give me a few blocks and call me an architect


Our creation broke 😦


Light the World



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