Getting settled

Zone Conference! You can tell I’m always next to my favorite person (Ferrara) 🙂

Yep, welcome to WY. image2-11

Mission parking 101image4-8

Ultimate Nerf war!


When we are at the library doing service forever we can get kinda bored. And this is the result.



The weather for you has been a lot crazier than for here I think. That’s crazy that school has been cancelled. Twice. I think in my lifetime it’s only happened maybe once. I

That’s a great story about your visiting a less active and finding family ready to return. I love it! 🙂 it happens all the time in the mission field. We find people like that and it’s so great. ☺ Yeah we’re teaching some people. It’s kinda off and on. Elder Loehr is starting to feel better and we are getting back into the swing of things and it feels good. I wish we could ride bikes though. Or walk. It’s just too cold.

Companionship Inventory was glorious on Thursday! We had Zone conference and we had interviews and then weekly planning with Companionship Inventory we discussed some conflicts and got them out of the way. Yes it was much needed. So in CI it is supposed to happen at the end of every weekly planning. We discuss each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Things that are on our mind, goals we have, conflicts that need settled. Just lay everything on the table. That was probably the most effective one I’ve ever had. It was awesome!
Interviews were awesome. President Wadsworth is such an amazing and inspired man. We talked a lot about my progression and such. He helps me a lot. I love him. I had renewed hope and everything. I love it. He’s awesome.

Car is crappy. I’ve had 3 Chevy Cruze’s on my mission. The first one was named Belteshezzar. The second, Shadrach, this one: MeCrap. Because it’s stupid. But whatever. It gets us from point A to point B. Barely.

Food…. so much junk food. We got so many sweets from members we give them away to others…. elder Loehr and I eat eggs and fish and milk at the apartment. I can sometimes sneak in a bowl of cereal if he is in the bathroom or something. 😛 I don’t really miss any food right now. Trying to lose weight. And Elder Loehr is just the elder to help. For dinner, not too different than Dillon. Just less meats and potatoes and more pastas and salads. My clothes are doing good. Starting to fit better. So that’s good. Although I hate this cold I have. It’s causing incredible discomfort 😦

I am loving Aunt Kathy. I’m loving the senior couple that lives just down from us. And also the members and starting to love the people. Slowly but surely. I can finally tell directions now which helps out a ton.


Elder Madsen




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