An Eye Single



Good morning !

Man I miss the siblings all. So much. Despite their annoying tendencies. We had an active member lesson. The family was like so similar to us back a few years ago. When we would do nothing but fight (I have felt that we got a lot better as we got older.) and I was like man. It’s so much nicer. However I do miss them. Didn’t you tell  Court that she’s not allowed to get baptized until I come back?

I did speak yesterday in church and it was fun. I hope it was well received. I’m not the most interesting speaker. Kinda monotone and quiet. But yeah. I did enjoy speaking. We had quite a few less actives at church. That was awesome! Nifty fifty! Actually a super funny less active, Tom, committed us to say the word “Meow” in our talks and try not to get caught. So we did it 🙂 mine was much more discreet than Elder Loehr’s and Tom busted up laughing. It was so funny! 😂😂😂 and you know how I am. I’m much better when I write my talks out rather than an outline. I just wish I had a Teleprompter. Yknow?

I’m finally starting to get the hang of it here. And I really enjoy being here. I have a good relationship with the members and I’m starting to have fun. And I really feel myself growing. I definitely still struggle but it’s bearable. The hardest thing about the Work here is people’s schedules. The coal and oil mines are not easy to work around. Also people will hardly tell us straight up if they want this or not. They’ll say yeah sure come back. And then just dodge us every time we come back :/

We taught a fantastic lesson last night to a potential we have trying to get into. We also got dropped by a potential whose wife is super anti. Best of times. Worst of times. Yknow?

We also taught a fantastic lesson to a less active. You know me. I’m not really bold at all. But let me tell you, that spirit was so strong. It seriously took over. I just opened my mouth and words came out. And she was crying and it was powerful. And we committed them to church. And like, that wasn’t me; no way to explain it. I was extremely bold in my comments. And they came! And it was so good to see them. They are a wonderful couple. The Hesletine’s. Love them 🙂 so much.

I’m eating a ton better and losing weight! And I’m also getting up more on time and exercising more. And I feel so much better. But I am really struggling with writing in my journal.

Thank you for your prayers. They sustain me.

Now I close my epistle. I am Elder Madsen. I am a missionary for the Montana Billings Mission.
(Alma 54:14)






A bearded dragon, mom.  Can I get one?




Australian candy and ice cream. So good!


Me trying to play the didgeridoo



One thought on “An Eye Single

  1. Good to see what you have been up to. I’m glad your feeling the spirit. Just remember that feeling when things start getting hard. I love you and pray for you. You are doing great


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