Staying through transfers




Hey. I’m staying in Gillette 🙂 My new comp is Elder Cole Smith.

It’s been a good week! We’ve worked hard and gotten stuff done. Elder Loehr is going up to Conrad. Elder Loehr and I have been getting along great and I’m glad to see him go. But I’m also excited for the switch up.  Also, I’m glad to stay because I know the area. So I can make some, I feel, necessary changes. And I have a lot of things things I’d like to do. I just hope the Lord doesn’t try and continue to teach me hard lessons.

That’s so crazy about the Utah winter! It’s way worse for you it sounds like. I am staying pretty warm and also it’s not too snowy. I really do enjoy it. At the expense of my dry skin… but that’s okay. I have hydrocortizone and that works wonders.

As far as teaching goes, just helping less actives right now. Pretty much no teaching pool. We have one 11 year old girl and one 34 year old atheist. And then a few other investigators, but not very many teaching opportunities. At all… but we still do relatively well in terms of standards of excellence. Somewhat. I am excited to lead the area. Do some things and change some things up. Yeah 🙂

And there is like no time to write today…. full of packing and cleaning and driving and saying goodbyes and we actually have a lesson today at 4. That takes away a good chunk of our p day. But that’s okay. The saving of souls is much more important than writing emails. As hard as it is, they matter a lot more than I do.

Love you all!



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