Average week in the mission field: frozen turkeys, transfers, and lowering garbage off a balcony


Typical Wyoming garage


This week has been a pretty long one.
Monday- we went to Buffalo for a zone preparation day. That was fun. Elder Ferrara didn’t have a going away journal so I signed his knee. Wish I would have gotten a picture. But shh. I don’t know if we are supposed to do that. But at least no one will see it right? 😉

Tuesday- it snowed a lot that night. Elder Loehr woke me up and told me to look outside. And there were a few inches on the ground. I kinda laughed and was like, well good luck. 😂 Elder Loehr finished packing. I cleaned the apartment. He said goodbye to people. And we tried to go see people. And then he left and we said goodbye and we have some super cute couple photos that I’ll send you 😉 um. Then we began our trio. Me, Elder Gutierrez and Elder Thompson. We took our car in to get looked at and then we went around and each tried people in our different areas. I was the driver. We had dinner in Elder G’s area and that was sweet. It was good food. Chili, which we get a lot of. But never gets old I guess 🙂 hah umm. I’ve been eating a lot less and a lot healthier. I no longer have a desire to eat junk food or to eat excessively. Which is good. I feel a lot better. There isn’t any largely noticeable weight changes yet but I am losing weight. Slowly but surely. So I’m happier 😊

Wednesday- long day. We started the day with community service. We moved hundreds of frozen turkeys around. That was pretty fun. We each kept doing things in each elders’ area. We used a lot of miles. Dinner was in my area, also chili. What did I tell you 😉

Elder T went with is WML to his area and Elder G and I had dinner.  And then my companion got lost on his way to The church. So that was fun. We had to go drive around the city at 9:45 at night trying to find him and the new elder. (Elder G is training). But it’s all good. They are safe and found. And it makes for a great story! 😂

Thursday- we did some weekly planning. Orienting of the area. Taught a super older couple – the Reeders – that’s getting ready to go to the temple. Cool story- on Sunday night we had a stake priesthood meeting. I was talking to some members in another ward. Hey were Ward leaders when brother Reeder went inactive in the 80s. Now he finally received his temple recommend! And they were just absolutely overjoyed that that had happened to him. That he made it.

Friday- we watched the missionary broadcast and that took my battery down from 88% to 31…. and it was like 15 by the time we got back to the apartment that night. That was kinda funny. Elder Smith’s iPad actually died so that was funny 🙂

Saturday- we needed to get gas but forgot so…

Sunday- we were bouncing on zero all day.

Today- we got gas and survived! Yay! That’s how it’s done son!

Saturday we continued to try and contact people. We also did service that took way longer than it needed to. We were helping 4th Ward move out of their old apartment. And it was also my beautiful baby sister’s birthday!!

Sunday- church was fantastic! I loved it so much! And then we taught a lesson to our investigator, Kayla. She’s super cool. Oh man. She’s crazy. We love her 😂 and she’s progressing so far! We hope she keeps it up. Stake priesthood meeting and night sacrament.

Today! Whoop whoop! Made it through the week!

Love, Elder Madsen



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