My purpose is to invite

The field is white 🙂

So how has my week been?

We aren’t teaching very many people and they are only once a week. So it feels like eons of time in between things. We have just been going through the Area Book and the phone contacting people. Trying to get somewhere, anywhere with somebody, anybody. There are two people that are about to be put on date for baptism in the next week or two. If we can meet with them more often. So that is way exciting 🙂 it just still hurts when no one wants to listen. But that’s missionary work. It’s not about me.

“You look into your father’s eyes when he
takes his hands off your head
He whispers that he’s proud of you
and he knows you’ll do your best
You say you wonder if you can do it
and that’s when he says
It’s not about you
It’s for the people who are blessed by what you do
It’s not about you
Everybody’s gathered ‘round you
Eyes all aglow
You start to read that piece of paper
To see where you’ll go
And you wonder if you’re ready
But you already know

It’s not about you
It’s for those who are searching for the truth
It’s not about you
Sure you’ve become much better
Because of what you’ve been through
But it’s not about you
It’s not about you

It’s not about you
It’s for the people who are blessed by what you do
It’s not about you.”

That poem speaks truth. It’s not about me. So I won’t complain. Because Elder Bednar once said:
“… this mission is not about you. It’s not about what you want. It’s not about if you’re getting what you think you’re supposed to get as a missionary. It’s not about “well, I’m not having success.” Who cares what you want? The natural man in you. That’s who cares. But if you turn outward in love, compassion, and service, you become a very different missionary. Because that turn, in your life, is the journey from testimony to conversion unto the Lord. Now, as I travel around the world, there are missionaries who are bummed out, disappointed and discouraged. “I’m working really hard, and I’m not having the success that I think I ought to have.” Can you count how many times the word “I” is used in that? “I want cookie now! I want baptism now! I want Investigators, I want discussions…” Get over yourself! It’s not about you. Do you know what happens when you get out of the way, and you turn, and it’s not about what you want – It’s about Him, and serving Him? Do you think that there may be lessons that He’s going to teach you because you think you’ve done all that you need to do, and you don’t get what you want? Maybe He trusts you. Or, maybe He’s testing you. Just get over yourself.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord full time for two short years. And I hope to utilize every single moment.

Is the work slow? Yes. Do I sometimes struggle with my companion? You know it. Do people post guns, do dogs chase, do I not feel like working some days? You betchya. The whole nine yards.

But guess what? Is the Church still true? Yes. Is the Book still blue? You know it. Is the Atonement still real? Absolutely. With every ounce of testimony in me I proclaim that Jesus is the Christ. That I was not called on a mission to teach. Or even to baptize. That I was called to labor with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. I was called to Invite. And thats all I can do. That’s all any of us can do sometimes. But I’m still optimistic 🙂 there’s good potential here. There’s a lot of people we haven’t tried yet in the area Book and phone. Slowly but surely the work still goes on. I’m just happy to be a part of it 🙂

Zone conference is tomorrow and interviews after that. I’m pumped! 🙂 also today and tomorrow. For the next few days actually we are relatively busy with lessons. So I am happy about that. 🙂 so things in all are gong well. I’m happy. I’m alive. And I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. There could be no better life 🙂



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