Because Mom gets mad when I don’t write


This has been a good week! A lot has happened.

We had dinner on Tuesday with the Rigsbys (a part-member family) and we were talking to the mom Lora about baptism. She’s sooo close! She literally just need to get dunked. (Okay. Sorry. That wasn’t professional). But yeah. She wants to go through the lessons first. Which is totally cool. She already knows everything. She’s been coming to church for a few years now. She knows her stuff. But yeah. That was awesome.

And then zone conference was on Tuesday too. Man. I love love LOVE President and Sister Wadsworth. They are truly wonderful and inspired people that were called by revelation to lead this mission, to lead ME specifically.

Tuesday we visited Paul Walker,(I know) a less active in our ward. And we talked a lot about drafting and welding and building and contracting (that’s what he did for a living) and we were able to tie it into the temple and family history work so that was cool 🙂 he’s awesome. Super chill guy.

Wednesday we had interviews with President Wadsworth and I learned a ton about myself and about how to better improve. We went to Saporros sushi for lunch as a bunch of missionaries. And oh my. That is by far my favorite Japanese place ever. I dare say it’s my favorite restaurant in Gillette. But I gotta be careful about that. There are so many good places to eat here.

Thursday we had a good weekly planning session and we talked about some good stuff. We revamped our area plan and we dropped some people that needed to be dropped.

Friday we did service almost all day and it was awesome! It was like 55 deg. And we were in shorts and a t-shirt all day just chipping away peoples ice 🙂 it was fun. Then we had dinner with the Vances. They are so cool. Hugh Vance is Jared’s dad. He is a reactivated member. Jared is returning to activity. Devin is Jared’s wife she isn’t a member. Alex and Ethan are their two boys. They both got baptized within the last year. Devin would have been baptized with them but couldn’t because of some word of wisdom problems. But we are working closely with her and she is so close.

Saturday we thought it would still be warm so we just planned for service. And it was cold! And windy and not fun. But we finished our service projects anyway 🙂 we also pranked the other elders cause we had some time before dinner so that was fun haha 🙂

Sunday- church was awesome. Sister Rigsby and Sister Vance showed up (the two investigators) and even Paul Walker (we didn’t even need to invite him) oh man. So cool 🙂 And then freaking Devin comes up to us after church and we start talking about a game plan for her and she says that she is planning on a March 4th baptism!!! Oh my goodness!!! I was so excited. We love the Vances so so so much. Please pray for Devin. I definitely am. She is almost there.

Being on a mission has opened more of my spiritual eyes. I no longer see temporal things as appealing as I once did. It has put things in perspective of what really matters and what does not. I know one thing; God knows us.

I know prayer works. In Ward council yesterday I was feeling a bit down and I was kind of just thinking, “Heavenly Father, I’m having kinda a rough time. I think it would help me if we sung this hymn (185) today. If you could make that happen, that would be great. It would make me feel a lot better.” I didn’t really think anything of it.

But lo and behold. We sang hymn 185.

It doesn’t always work that way. But I know the Lord is aware of us and our needs!

— Elder Harrison Madsen


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