Sunday is the best day



Well I got up at 5:45 today to get ready and open your birthday presents. And then we drove to Devil’s Tower monument. And then we hiked around Devil’s Tower. For lunch we are headed to a Mexican restaurant. And then we’ll go to the church and then maybe play games, then clean the apartment and shop.

I have a wrestling match tonight. If I win, this less active has to come to church every week for a straight month at least. So that is making me a little nervous. But it’s exciting too!

So for the early part of the week, nearly two whole days were spent helping a member move. A large portion of the time was spent building bookshelves and chairs.

Friday – we started to go through our prospective elders and attempting to contact them. It was largely successful but not in the way you’d think. We just found a lot of people who had moved. So that is good to know for future missionaries and Ward leaders. And there was a baptism that night of the Rigsby’s 8 year old daughter. We were asked to participate in the confirmation. That was a very cool experience. My first ever time standing in a confirmation circle other than in the temple. The spirit was incredibly powerful!

Vances are good I think Devin is doing well. Staying strong I hope.

Saturday we did the same thing. We went through prospective elders again. Found more people who had moved. And then we had a great Companionship Inventory. And then we went to another baptism (In 3rd Ward, but we went to support). And it was cool 🙂

Sunday was fantastic! Church was so cool. Talked all about the Holy Ghost. And I felt the spirit quite a bit. And we had 2 less actives, the Heseltine’s (I love them) show up to church and also Sister Rigsby! We taught the priests about the post mortal life. And oh my word. That opened my eyes up to some things. Fantastic lesson. Great discussion. After church Elder Smith and I went to go teach Kayla. (An investigator we are working with) That was the best lesson we’ve ever had with her! And we are pretty sure that she’ll get baptized. Not soon. But she is close. She’s almost there. And then youth waffle night.

Sunday was hands down the best day this week 🙂 it has been a long week. But a good week!

Pray for Kayla.  Pray for Devin and Sister Rigsby. The work rolls on!

–Elder Madsen

Devil’s Tower Monument



Embarrassed for my birthday
Embarrassed for my birthday
Putting together furniture
Helping a member move in
My first moose burger!
It was dang good





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