Week 26

Hey y’all 🙂
So Monday- my birthday 🙂 thank you all so much for all of the presents and birthday wishes. I love you all so much 🙂
Tuesday- exchanges. We got locked out of our apartment. I got a package from the Johnson family and Mum Mum 🙂 love them. Thank you.
Wednesday – district meeting I gave a discussion on Recognizing the spirit that was cool. Good participation.
Thursday – we had a great discussion with Brother Reeder and Sister Siemers 🙂 and we had to take Devin off of date for baptism. 😦 she’s really having a rough time. Please continue to pray for her. Her time is not far off. She just needs that extra strength.
Friday and Saturday we spent quite a bit of time focusing on prospective elders. So far we have found a lot of people that moved but hey. So goes the work.
Sunday was a really good day. We met with Kayla again and she is doing very well 🙂 continuing to progress. We are so happy for her. We do feel that someday she will get baptized. Maybe not soon. But soon 🙂


The Allen chapel
We got locked out of the apartment during exchanges
bday decorations Smith did for me



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