4th transfer down

The Napier Family
Bishop and Sister and Ethan Sanders


Bro and Sis Powers. They go home this month.
Cali Pope and fam
Candids with the Allens
Hunt Family
My homie Kayla (she prayed for the first time ever on Sunday night! It was seriously the most touching thing ever. So innocent and sincere. I freaking love Kayla! She’s going places. I’m gonna miss her a lot).

I’m being transferred to Bozeman!

My time is short today; I have a lot to do for transfers.  I was able to say goodbye to a lot of ward members yesterday. Yeah so today I’ll say goodbye to a few more people. The Hoardings and the Gegraws (my favorite family here) and I have a lesson tonight. Then tomorrow I have to pack and I’ll send a package home and then I’ll leave at 4 for Billings. Then I’ll stay the night there. And then head to Bozeman early Wednesday morning. My new companion is Elder Adam Muhlestein from Washington state. He’s cool; I’ve met him before.

Aunt Kathy said she’ll miss me and stuff. She’s awesome 🙂 I love her. I’ll say bye to her officially hopefully tomorrow.

Fun note. Our stake does a Sacrament Meeting on Sunday evening for swing shifters and miners and oil riggers that can’t make it during the day.  We help out a lot; our ward is in charge of it this quarter. Last week we had only one priest show up. So we had to pass, conduct, direct music, the whole shebang pretty much. It was interesting 🙂

I’ll write next from Bozeman!



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