Olvidate te mismo y ponte a trabajar



Forget yourself and go to work. (Thats what the subject line says haha)

I have had quite the good week. Not necessarily because anything good happened but because I’ve just a good heart to heart with myself and I’ve also felt like I’ve done my job and worked pretty hard this week. I love being a missionary. There’s a lot of people to talk to in this area. And a lot of Spanish people too haha 🙂 I’m practicing every day to get better. And I do see a slight improvement so far. Haha although I have a long long ways to go. Duolingo says I’m 8% fluent in Spanish… oh boy. I’m really picking up speed. Haha 😛

Elder Muhlestein and I are doing a musical number in Ward conference his week… we need to practice a lot. Sheesh. Yeah he “voluntold” me. Oh well. Only problem is that I haven’t consistently sung every day in almost a year. My poor voice. Yes we need to practice.

Tuesday we had a great lesson with Carlos and Viviana. Viviana who is hard core catholic has been participating a ton!! And she speaks like no English. So that’s awesome. Haha 🙂 we taught the Law of Chastity (always a fun lesson 🙄) and the Word of Wisdom.

Umm. Friday was saint Patrick’s day and Elder Muhlestein’s birthday and Zone Training and splits with the zone leaders. All good stuff.

Church was fantastic as always. And the speakers spoke about blessings of holding a temple recommend. That was cool. And then we didn’t attend Spanish gospel principles because we had to teach the English gospel principles. Oh well. It was still an awesome lesson about the post mortal spirit world. We had great participation.

We had lots o good laughs this week.

The YSA had a baptism on Saturday that was super fun. I got to meet a former Elder Adam Smith who knows my friend Katrina Wood. Um. And I got to see Carson King (from Dillon) again. So that was good.

And then today 🙂 not a lot else happened because it was spring break this week and everyone leaves. But we still met some good people and did some good work 🙂 and then zone conference tomorrow!!! 🤓 Things are just great. I’m so so happy and I love you all. I’m so thankful for your prayers. They are much needed those days.

Shout out to my best friend Charly. She sent me a great email recently and just testified of truth and it filled me with the spirit. With permission I’d like to share a portion of her testimony with you:
“God has a plan, and everything that happens is according to that plan. He is in charge! Priesthood blessings work. Heavenly Father hears our prayers, and is eagerly waiting to answer them. The temple is the house of the Lord. Our Savior lived and died for us. He willingly carries us through our hard times. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us!”

I’d like to testify of what she said. She speaks truth. And by the power of The Holy Ghost. I know this Church is the Kingdom of God. I have a testimony of the divinity of the sacrament and how necessary it is to carry on. This is the truth. I know it. I love it. I love it. This is a gospel of peace. I am at peace. And I know all of you can be at peace as well through Him. The Way. The Truth. The Life. Please seek Him. Come unto Him. He’s waiting for you. He’s calling your name. With arms open wide, come unto Christ. (Mark 2:1-12) ponder on that. What it means to you. And then I’d love to hear back from you. I love you all. Mapuche more importantly He loves you. Please love Him back.

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen


Pics of Zone Training, the baptism, and amazing Montana skies


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