Being a purveyor of surveillarism



So this has just been a great week!!

On Tuesday we had a Zone conference in Helena. It was so nice to have a big zone conference again! Some really deep doctrine was laid down. More like my understanding of the doctrine was increased. The doctrine of baptism and of faith and obedience. I loved it so very much. 🙂

On Wednesday I got a root canal on a tooth that had been killing me and it feels so much better. My stake President here was the dentist. And he did a great job. He’s a good man.

We have been meeting with the Chase family. Sister chase said that she bought a new dress and they might come to church on Sunday!!!! She has three young boys and one little girl. They are such great people. She asked us to come back and teach about missionary work. And about what we do. It turned out to be a very powerful and emotional lesson.

On Sunday it was Ward conference. President Repscher and Bishop Malchyzk spoke. Holy cow. Flipping amazing. And then Elder Muhlestein and I were asked to do a musical number. I sang and he played. And since recording is apparently a no no in the chapel we did this recording beforehand. I apologize that it’s not the best quality video or sound on my part. Oh well. But the Chase’s came!!!!

So much good stuff is happening here. And about to be happening. We are meeting with some amazing people. I am realizing that an area really is only as good as you make it. And attitude always is and always has been everything. Carlos and Viviana are progressing. She believes in living prophets!! And the language barrier seems to be getting smaller and smaller. We met with them last night. I love them so very much.

Please pray for Viviana and Carlos and the Chase family.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and your love.

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen




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