General Conference, yo



So this week not a whole lot of stuff happened outside of interviews on Friday, and Conference. We also went tracting for the first time in forever! (Hah! Now I got all of you singing frozen). But those experiences helped out a ton! I don’t know if I’ve ever had more high ups and some lower downs. Like man, the devil does not want us to be happy. I feel very humbled and lowly this week and it’s hard to feel and go through but I’m grateful for it regardless because I know Heavenly Father is helping me become the person I’m meant to be. The refiner’s fire is not a comfortable place to be in. But it’s worth It. I’m grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us. Who loves me as imperfect as I am. “It must be very frustrating to Heavenly Father to deal with us as imperfect mortals, but He deals with it” (I don’t know if I got that quote just right but you get the idea).

General conference allowed me to feel a lot of peace and comfort. I hope it did for you as well. I am so grateful for our living and loving prophets and leaders who can give us revelation.

What was your favorite talk or part?
I’m sorry my emails not super long and detailed. There weren’t too many details I felt to expand on. Just know at I love you. And please remember why we have trials and weaknesses — to turn our thoughts to Him.

There is a wonderful Easter initiative that came out on Friday. I challenge each of you to put it on your social media accounts and to prayerfully decide on someone to share it with. As you do so, you will be strengthened. Especially from following prompting as Elder Rasband talked about. And if it goes well, start He process over again 🙂 I’m so so happy to share His message with the world. But this isn’t limited just to those that wear white shirts and name tags. If we have desires to serve God, we are called to the work. And if you don’t have the desire, find it. If you don’t know where to find it, go to the scriptures until you find it. As a disciple and representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise you and testify to you of the divinity of sharing this marvelous, latter-day work. My life has never been better, my testimony never been stronger, my love never been greater, and my happiness never been more sweet. This Gospel is peace. And joy. And happiness. I love you my friends. I love this Gospel. I want you to love it too. And I wish you the best. I am cheering you on, and so is Heaven. I’m praying for you 🙂 thank you for everything.

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen




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