The church podium = what??

Bye Elder Muhlestein


Tuesday- transfers. Elder Muhlestein went to Kalispell. I got Elder Darner coming from Billings and from Houston, TX. He’s a super cool guy. Kind of quiet. But he has a real good sense of humor. Really obedient and a really good missionary and a really hard worker. He came out with me. And apparently, in the words of Elder Wilson, we are going to baptize Bozeman. Maybe not quite yet. But perhaps soon ahah 🙂

Wednesday- the day when we biked when we should have walked and also the same day when we walked but should have biked. We tried a lot of former investigators. Didn’t go terribly well. We didn’t make contact with too many people. We still taught a few lessons. We went on splits that night with the priests and that was enjoyable. My current favorite priest in the Ward asked a lot of good questions and I was able to answer them I think the best way I could.

Thursday- we did service for most of the morning which mostly consisted of us trying to start this lady’s mower…. and then had a real good weekly planning session.

Friday- we continued contacting former investigators and we finished weekly planning. We had an interesting lesson with a guy named Mike. He loves his bible, and refuses to do anything other than use the “true word of God” and he calls us by our first name… so yeah. Hats Mike. Oh well. He’s super nice 🙂 haha so it works out. I guess. And then tracted some more. We started tracting this trailer park. And one of the first doors we knock we get invited right on in. So we are like sweet! His name is Morris. He’s a little… different. Hah 🙂 um. We had a weird conversation towards the end of which he told us that the podium in the church is equivalent to using a ouija board… sweet. Good to know. He also condemned us for not worshiping on Saturday and calling Jesus Christ “Jesus Christ” and “Lord” and even “God”. Because those things are offensive to Him. 🙄 huh boy. But we left Morris’s house to go to an appointment with Rich and Angie. Rich was super cool and nice. And Angie has always loved the missionaries. However we knock on their door and Angie answers and tells us that they won’t be investigating anymore. Well. Friday was a rough day. Those words really did break my heart. I kinda broke down in the car after that. I wondered what I could have done more. And yeah. That was that.

Saturday- but we got up and kept working hard despite our losses. In that same trailer park we continued to tract we found a potential investigator, Jesús. Who speaks Spanish. Yay for Elder Darner!

Sunday- church was awesome. Really felt the spirit 🙂 Elder Darner spoke. I’m speaking next week. After church we had an appointment with Jesús and got three new investigators out of it!! Jesús and Francisco and Albierto. All of them friends and all of them speak Spanish. I really do need to learn Spanish so I can contribute somewhat to the lessons… but I bore my testimony at the end of the lesson while hey translated and that was a cool experience 🙂 even though I could hardly understand what was being said the spirit was still there. We have another lesson with them (Jesús, Francisco, and Albierto) on Sunday 🙂 so I’m super pumped about that. Elder Darner just taught about prayer. And he said the lesson went as well as it could have gone. We are trying not to get too excited because they are really nice people but may not be entirely interested at this point. But I can still totally see them becoming baptized.

So overall, I am feeling Up and down. But In Bozeman things are doing really quite well kind of. If that makes any sense at all. I’m noticing weaknesses and shortcomings of mine nearly daily and it can get me kinda down on myself. But at the same time I don’t know I’ve been working harder in my mission. And overall, I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. 🙂 Elder Darner is such a good companion. We get along great. We have been really trying to increase our teaching pool and for the most part, it’s been paying off. We’ve been doing quite a lot of tracting. We have met a ton of people who really love their bible and they refuse to do anything other than stick to the “true word of God”. So yeah. That’s mostly everyone we meet. So we don’t get really anywhere with most people we come across. But we are working hard regardless. And that’s what matters. That’s what helps me feel good. I have a big drive to keep learning Spanish also I can also communicate with the Hispanics in our area.

And even with all of the finding that we did, we still managed to get 17/20 lessons. I was super pumped 🙂 20/20 is not going to be too difficult. I still wonder about how we can help the Ward and the Ward Council become more mission minded. Still not sure. But yeah. I’m working hard and loving it 🙂 I just so wish I was the person and missionary and companion I need to be all of the time. I feel like Satan just targets missionaries almost more than most anyone else. And so I just always have to be on my guard. But it’s worth it. Every moment. Every trial. Every hardship. It’s worth it. So I’m going to keep on keeping on 🙂 and I hope y’all do too.

Because it’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen


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