Bird of death


Hey y’all. Sorry for the random subject line last week. I asked what I should name my email and that’s the first thing I heard. So there you go. I am unaware if Grizzly Adams does indeed sport a beard and a jug of juice.

Today is my brother Daniel’s 15th birthday. So shout out to him all the way from Bozoville. I mean. Bozeman 😛 haha. Im totally kidding. I love Bozeman.


This week has been good. Not the best. Mostly because a ton of our set appointments keep falling through. That’s never fun. Tends to cause some stress. It’s difficult because I don’t want to lose my faith and hope in others. But that’s what tends to happen when they don’t keep appointments and commitments. Gives me some heartache. Sometimes it just makes you want to ask yourself and Heavenly Father why they aren’t getting it. And what you can be doing more to help them. I gotta be honest, I had a bout of depression this week. Because you see all these other missionaries having relatively easy success (or at least seems to be that way). And I’m trying to work hard and be obedient. And yet I don’t see any of that same success. And it was kind of a hard blow. I know that Preach My Gospel and I think even the Missionary Handbook and lots of other resources warn against just that. They warn against comparing yourself to others. But it’s easier said than done. But you just get up and keep trying. It’s not easy. It is going to take work. I just hope I can find strength, through the Lord, to keep trying.

But on Tuesday-
We had district meeting instead of on Wednesday. And Elder Darner made flan. Which was super cool. And quite delicious.

We went out to Livingston to help out the Sisters and Elder Kay move out the old missionary apartment there. That wasn’t too bad. We got a lot of spoils 🙂 haha that’s what happens when you raid an old apartment. Haha and the basement in that house was super creepy and awesome. It was not a bad house at all. It was near here that Elder Darner almost got hit by a dead bird. Not kidding. We were walking around and heard a rustle. Them out of the bushes two birds come crashing out of the bushes. One was dead. The other had killed it. Yeah. Strange. Then we had a lesson with Mike. Which was good. We were able to explain a lot about the church and the restoration and the Priesthood. He deposit necessarily agree with everything we taught and believe. But he invited us to a bible study that night. And it just so happened that all of our plans for the evening fell through (of course). And we went. And it was… unique. It was the first bible study I’ve ever been invited to. However it was nothing I was anticipating. Yeah. Enough said.

we biked all day. We didn’t get in the car a single time. And it felt really good. And we had a really good weekly planning session. Talked a lot about necessary plans and goals and just revamped our fire to go and find and teach. We ended the night with a visit to an older couple who love Mormons (and missionaries) but just aren’t interested in learning more. However we invited them to learn more about family history and they were interested. So there may be something there in the future.

We did a lot of finding. Most of our stuff fell through. Like always. Sheesh. Cmon Bozeman. We had a correlation with the High Priest group leader and then had a lesson with Mike again. I think it was good that we went to his bible study. He opened up a lot to us this day. And I think he earned respect for us and trust in us. He knows now that we care about him and his interests and things like that. He even said that he might read the Book of Mormon. Which is a HUGE step for him!! So excited! We had a great lesson with him. Talked above it a number of gospel topics. While working on a referral list for the Ward counsel we met Lee. A nonmember who is going through a really hard time right now. But we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and I felt prompted to share with him Moroni 10:4&5. Which I did. When I was finished testifying that the Book of Mormon helps us solve our problems, and God answers all of our sincere prayers, he got a big grin on his face. He told us it was exactly what he needed to hear. Which was super cool 🙂 the Church is true.

Finding all day. Nothing too significant that I need to mention.

Great day. As always 🙂 the sacrament was very nice. My companion and I bore our testimonies and they weren’t anything special. But we got a ton of good feedback from the Ward… so that’s good I guess. Haha. We had some lessons fall through. Also we had a lesson with a drunk person. We always have these lessons 🙄 huh boy. But yeah.

We also met with Carlos yesterday and we scheduled his first interview with President on Tuesday!! So pumped!!

That’s life in a nutshell. (I had a dream that I got transferred to Butte. But we didn’t get transfer calls and I hadn’t packed a single thing. So that was stressful).

But overall things are going quite well 🙂 I love you all. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. It is essential to guarding us against temptation. It changes lives. It has changed me. I’m not really the person or missionary I need to be. But I know that by a daily study of the Book of Mormon, we are making incremental and necessary steps to become the people our Father in Heaven wants us to be. These words are true. I would invite you all to heed them. Doing so will bring such peace to your life. I hope you all have a great day 🙂

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen


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