TG Jakes and Elk Rings



Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of a letter last week. Also sorry for the short letter to follow. We have had literally zero time today for really anything. Haha 🙂
My week was awesome. It was transfer week, but for the first time ever I have the privilege of staying in Bozeman another transfer with Elder Darner. It should be good. I a) love Bozeman and b) know that staying with Elder Darner another transfer will be quite beneficial for my development as a missionary, as a person, and so forth. I still have a lot I need to work on but I’m getting there. However with it being transfers it means I had to say goodbye to many people that I have grown to love and love being around. Namely Elder Tippetts. He is a very good missionary. And I look up to him a lot. And I sadly won’t be able to see him again, at least not as a missionary. He goes home this next transfer. Oh well. We all have to go home eventually :/

Other than that the only real highlight of the week was from today, we stopped by a favorite house of ours (some investigators) and we made rings! That’s why we have like no time today. I made mine from an elk shed. Elder Darner made his from a Buffalo horn. So cool! Mine is not done quite yet but I will finish it next week. I just need to engrave it. I’m excited 🙂 so so cool. I love that family.

I love being a missionary. I love your prayers. They help sustain me. Keep on keeping on my friends.

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen



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