How ’bout them weather


It sure has been a rainy week. Stark contrast against the weeks of heat just experienced. As I write this email, it is literally raining the whole ocean on Bozeman. So much water. But that doesn’t matter. So anyway!

It was the first district meeting of the transfer and we had some really good talks. We unanimously decided we would accept President Wadsworth’s standing goal of 4 baptisms/month/Companionship. Honestly, i have never given much thought to that goal before. It always just seemed so out of reach. But I have faith that the Lord is with President Wadsworth. And he has faith in us. So why can’t we? So as soon as we were really serious about this goal as a district, we saw miracles happen. So many pieces just fell into place. Elder Darner and I decided how we were going to get 4 baptisms and it went really well. It includes heavy member involvement because we cannot do it alone. It also helps me realize that every single moment counts because with every moment that passes, the transfer gets shorter and shorter. But we can do it 🙂 I know we can. July 8th is the day. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, nothing too significant happened. We have just been meeting some great people and working very well with the members and with the Ward council. Helping to get them a lot more excited about missionary work 🙂 it’s going very well.

So. Yeah. That pretty much it. The Church is true. My eyes have been opened. And I feel like I understand with greater capacity the sweetness of Christ’s love. Words cannot tell how I feel. Words cannot describe what it means and is and feels like to partake of the goodness of the tree of Life. The Spirit and our families are our greatest possessions. The sacrament and our covenants are how we obtain those and always retain those tender mercies and possessions of ours. Strive always for it my brothers and sisters. My friends. I love you all. Keep on keeping on. Please. It’s not worth it to do anything else.

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen



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