Happy Father’s Day


Hello all and welcome to my broadcast of: The Week. My name is Elder Madsen and I’ll be your host this evening.
His week was good. Wednesday we had interviews with President Wadsworth which went quite well.
Thursday we went to an interfaith, men only, bible study rib night that one of our investigators invited us to out in Belgrade. That was fun haha 🙂 met some cool people.
We helped the Chase’s move Sunday and today. I am going to miss them. But that’s fine. I’ll see them after I go home 🙂
Church was so good. The talks were fantastic. They were directed on fathers. Had me bawling. Haha. My dad means so much to me. I appreciate his sacrifices and his goodness and example. Pretty much everything that matters in this life, I learned from him. I want to be like him. Thank you, dad.
This week we get to drive to Billings again for mission tour.. yay. 🙂 hah. No I love Billings. It just eats up our miles like crazy. Oh well. So yeah. Super good week.

Hope you all remember how much Father in Heaven loves us 🙂 and never ever forget it. I encourage you to study His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. But yeah. That’s pretty much it 🙂 here are some pics. Hope you all have a great week!

The Chases



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