Biking in the rain


Hey family. This week was a good one. A long one. And I actually get to go to the temple on Friday!!! I am so excited. I haven’t been in so long. A member of ur Stake presidency invited us to go with them. so that’s going to be another preparation day of mine (in place of next Monday). End of transfers are very close, and I’m sure I’m leaving.

Yesterday was just fantastic 🙂 I’m still kinda on a spiritual high from it. The sacrament was great. I was blessed to sit at the table and prepare and break the sacrament and it was just quite spiritual. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to be up there. And then we taught the 12-13 yr olds. And that was so good!! We taught about the sacrament. And then we also taught elders Quorum last minute. So we did the same lesson as Sunday school 😂

Well we also did a mission fast yesterday for increased faith and for the Spirit of Christ to “flood the mission”. I think it’s working 🙂

We did a ton of finding this week. Including a lot of biking in the rain. Cause we were out of miles… yay. #getsoaked #wesuregotsoaked

While tracting one day we probably met one of the most crazy people I’ve ever met. Apparently she is Jesus and her grandmother is Christ. And satellites are always watching her. Yep. Kinda creepy. Pretty crazy. Oh well. Joys of finding 🙂 never know what you’re gonna get.

That’s about it. Justin is still rocking it. He is just eating up the Book of Mormon! We talked with him earlier in the week and he was already almost done with 2 Nephi!! Such a stud 🙂 love Justin. He is now praying about a baptismal date. Please pray for him.

I love being a missionary. There are a lot of elders in the zone that are good jog home and it makes me think about my own mission. The things I have accomplished and the thought I still need to improve on. I’m grateful for a Heavenly Father who upholds me and bears with me through my weaknesses. I’m thankful that He is there. That He loves me. And I’m so happy to know that through Him, I can do all things. I know this is true. I feel it so deeply. We can all change. We can even change without Christ. But the change will not be permanent.

I love being a missionary so much and would encourage you all to look for ways and opportunities to change. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and support. Shout out to Grandma. Hope she has a great birthday 🙂

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen


Classic MBM bumper sticker, Go Bees!, and helping decorate for an activity



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