Welcome to Sheridan

We attended 2 out of our 3 wards just cause the YSA went on a trip to Rapid City so they weren’t there. The wards are pretty good. Very, very loud….. so many kids. It was a very noisy sacrament meeting.

God Bless America!! The day I got here was the day they started the huge “Sheridan Wyo Rodeo”. Man. Took me back to the good ol days. Loved it. But wish I couldn’t gone to go see. Oh well. The next day we were in the parade so that was cool.

My companion is Elder B. Muhlestein. Yep. That’s right. The other Elder Muhlestein in the mission. My apartment is okay. No air conditioning; we have a million fans, but it’s still super hot. It’s two stories, and two bedrooms, and even two bathrooms, but no wifi. But it has a washer and dryer and that is so helpful since laundry costs a ton of money. We have an active teaching pool with some people. With others we are starting from scratch.


Saying goodbye to all the great families in Bozeman:


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