Wildlife Wednesday (on Friday)


Morning Y’all! Sorry I have been really crappy at writing the past few weeks. But a lot has happened. So you probably know I was transferred back to Wyoming East Zone. This time Sheridan is called home for now. My companion is Elder BJ Muhlestein. That’s right. I’m two for two with the Muhlesteins in the mission. What are the odds?

We had interviews on Tuesday and President said the same thing. “Those Muhlesteins are a dime a dozen aren’t they? What are the chances you get both of them?” I was like, that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time! Haha 🙂 but no. Interviews were awesome. I love spending time with President. It always reenergizes me and makes me what to do greater good.

In Wednesday we had district meeting. I gave a discussion on enduring to the end. It went alright. It was a little different cause the elders in Buffalo Skyped in, since one of them was sick. So it was interesting. But I’m grateful for modern technology that allows us to be together.

So, a lot of people from our group were asked to be trainers this past transfer. Some of which are Elder Stones, Elder Cronin, and the one and only Elder Ferrara. Man I love those guys. I miss them a lot. But tomorrow is Zone conference and I get to see Elder Cronin and Elder Ferrara! So that’s dope!

Thursday we did a lot of service and I got $300+ boots for 10 bucks!!! Plus, they are work boots. So that’s so awesome!

Friday we did some more service mowing lawns. We also drove up the canyon to have dinner and saw about 5-6 moose!! (No bull moose though 😕) and a herd of Elk and we heard a coyote. It was a sweet night! Then we went on exchanges with Buffalo.

Saturday we did some more service working at an almond processing plant. Yep. That’s right. Well. There’s a first for everything. It wasn’t that bad 🙂 plus we got free almonds out of it. Haha 🙂 we do a lot of service here. Which is a good thing. I love service and helping people.

JC. Penney was closing and so Elder Muhlestein and I went today and got sweet $70 pants for 2 dollars each!

I love Sheridan 🙂 I’m happy to be here and look forward to the weeks that follow.

Thank you all for all the love and prayers. Y’all mean so much to me. The Church is so true. And I felt that truthfulness again when we taught an investigator the restoration for the first time last night. As we recited the first vision, the spirit flooded the room and no one could deny that the spirit was there. I love this sweet simple truth. The tender mercies of the Lord are real. I see Him bless my family and it touches my heart. Serving a mission has been the best decision of my life.




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