The Church is True


The church is true. Love you all. I’m not dead. I’m happy. Life is good.

This week was super good and busy and kind of an emotional roller coaster.

We were able to put two people on date for baptism. One for the 14th of this month and then one for the 21st of this month. Β And then Saturday night after her baptismal interview, we found out that we were not able to baptize Auberdee (on the 14th) and that she would have to be interviewed by president. And perhaps would need approval from the first presidency. Then Riki, our 10 year old investigator, said he didn’t want to come to church. Which postpones his baptism on the 21st at least another week. So it was a super good weekend at first that came crashing down.

Luckily President was in town for interviews and a reorganization of the stake in Lovell. So he made the trip down to Powell and gave her another interview during church. And he cleared her for baptism! So the baptism for the 14th is still on! At least we ended on a good note this weekend. It’s still super sad about Riki. But hopefully he’ll come around.

It’s at times really hard letting people have their agency… but it’s all part of the plan. Plus Riki doesn’t have any support from home. So prayers for him would be appreciated.

But yeah. I feel like I have seen President so many times this week! Haha! πŸ˜‚ we had interviews 2 weeks ago, interviews on Saturday and then on Sunday he interviewed one of my investigators for baptism and then we are seeing him next week for Zone conference! Not that I’m complaining. Because President Wadsworth is one of my very favorite people. He exemplifies being Christlike for sure πŸ™‚ he’s done so much for me and so much for my investigators. Β I love President Wadsworth. He’s amazing.

We had transfers. Got Elder Lee. He’s great. And healthy. It’s gonna be a good transfer.

The Book is Blue. Love you guys πŸ™‚



Post conference and Heart Mountain



Hey fam! We went on a dope hike today! Hiked heart mountain and oh my word.

1) what a wonderful hike

2) what a painful hike

3) what a long hike.. and

4) so worth it.

The best views really do happen after the hardest climbs. But here’s something I learned: is that even though that is true, we may not be able to see the best views at first. Even after making it to the top and thinking “dang. This is it? It’s so cloudy! I can’t even see.” If we just patiently wait, eventually the clouds will clear and we will indeed see why it’s all worth it.

This weekend we got transfer calls. I’m staying and getting an Elder Lee that just finished his training. Elder Wilcox is headed up to Kalispell to be a district trainer. And Elder Angle went home. So elder Christensen and us are in a trio until Tuesday

This weekend was also general conference. Man what a listen to the voices of our beloved prophets and apostles and other leaders. My mom asked me what talks stuck out to me. I wish o had my notes with me because there were so many that spoke directly to me and that I received revelation from. Others I just loved in general. Tad R. Callister’s was a favorite. I loved how plain and simple he made the facts of the Book of Mormon seem. I will most definitely be sharing this talk on my mission at some point. I loved Brother Zwick’s cut and dry, yet gentle rebukes to get over ourselves. My heart goes out to Elder Hales and his family. I learned so much from the short message Elder Anderson shared from him. There are so many individual and personal experiences. I could write on and on about. And I’m sure I will here a little and there a little as the weeks go on and I begin a more thorough study of the messages. Something else I learned was how to receive revelation. It’s simple. Patience. And grace by grace. There is no other way. I need to place faith in every footstep and just keep walking. I love the Lord. And His infinite goodness and personalized plan from me. I’m grateful I get to be a missionary and help other people realize that. I’m sorry I don’t have much time but know that I love you all. And am so thankful for your prayers.

More than ever, I understand that it’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen



A wizard may arrive precisely when he means to; but does a missionary?


Hey friends and family I’m sorry I don’t have too much time to read today because cleaning ….

But seeing as how I don’t have too much to write about that’s OK. Right?

So there were only a few interesting things that happened this week.

First thing, I got to do my first baptismal interview so that was pretty cool she ended up baptized and confirmed this past weekend. Way to go zone leaders. I was also asked to give a musical number at her baptism. The spirit was so strong… I started crying. So… thanks a lot Holy Ghost… hard to sing if you are crying. But I have a recording of it that I’ll send next week. I know mom will enjoy it at least πŸ˜‰

I went on exchanges with Elder Overson this week and that was super fun. He’s way cool guy. when we drove back to Cody that night to drop them off just staying the night and that was a party. #poorelderwilcox love those guys πŸ™‚

And the transfer is fast approaching. I wonder what will happen. I think I’ll stay but I have no clue. You can’t predict transfers. Ever.

But yeah. Elder angle goes home this week. As does my trainer. Shout out to elder Crockett. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.

Other than that I don’t have too much to write about. So I’ll just have to talk to yall next week and tell you transfer news!

Sorry it’s so short.

But I love you all. This church is true. It’s why I’m here. A young man decided to humbly pray and ask what was right. He was answered. All of you can be answered too if you believe and have faith. If you work hard, it will all be worth it. The greatest view is after the hardest climb (speaking of which I plan on hiking heart mountain next week)

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen

“My feet hurt from kicking so much butt this week”


So yeah Tanya’s baptism happened which was sweet! I had the chance to do a musical number as well as give the talk on baptism. It was really good. So spiritual. It’s been amazing to see her progression.



It was a good week fam. But I haven’t got very much time at all.
We did a ton of driving. We drove to and from Cody and Lovell like 5 or 6 times…. yikes. Yeah. We had district meeting and then Elder Cronin and I went on an exchange together. That was good stuff. I love that man.
We had interviews with President on Thursday. And it was really old. I love President. He is a good good man.
And then Tanya’s baptism and confirmation. So that was certainly a highlight. And her husband came and supported her!! So nice. I’ve never met him before. But he came and it was sweet.

Yesterday was kind of emotional we went to go check up on a recent convert and he was really struggling. We are actually taking time out of preparation day to visit him and we will probably visit him every day this week at least to support him. His name is Bob Wutzke so if you could please pray for him that’d be wonderful.

The church is true my friends. I love it so much.

We had some really good planning sessions as a Companionship and I think we can really kickstart this area! I’m pumped. This is gonna be really good πŸ™‚

I finally broke out the long sleeve shirts again. It cooled down quite a bit. I thought it would snow for sure. But oh well. It’s warming up again. But still. Football season!!! Go bees! 🏈 🐝 πŸ’œ

Love you fam!
It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen

Livin’ on a prayer



Hey friends and family!

This week has been a pretty good week. Somewhat of a slow one, but good nonetheless
Another one of those “Days are weeks and weeks are days” sort of thing.

We went on exchanges this week with the Zone leaders. That was pretty fun. We found som good people. Plus, I just love going on exchanges in general. I also had my first district meeting this week. And I think it went pretty well. The discussions were good. I think I got a lot out of it. The only problem is it went a little long, but if that’s the only one, not bad for a first District meeting. I have a great group of missionaries to work with; they’re pretty awesome.

Today was Zone preparation day. That was pretty fun. The whole squad got together. Podball (it’s been forever since I’ve played podball. I miss it), basketball, and Nerf battles were a blast.

Can I just say how dope this mission is? I was so blessed to be sent to such a beautiful place. I feel bad for Montana burning up so much with the fires this summer. But Wyoming’s a gorgeous place. But yeah, please pray for Montana. I got some pretty sweet photos of a sunset this past week.

Tanya, one of our investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized and she’s going strong!! Such a fantastic person. She’s really converted to the gospel. She’ll be baptized this Saturday. I feel privileged to be doing a musical number at the service.

In regards to baptisms, Sam, one of our investigators in Sheridan, just got baptized this past Saturday! Heck yeah!

On the spiritual side of things, I read over my patriarchal blessing again yesterday, and I just feel so blessed to be a part of this gospel. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our individual needs. I’m continuing to find a greater appreciation of the Book of Mormon. As I study it, it’s so awesome to see how principles that I study seem to apply in the very day that I read about them. Please read the Book of Mormon and see how it will bless your life, because it’s written for us. I’m grateful for this time I have to be a missionary. I love you all. Thanks for all the prayers and support. (I did get a package from my very best friend. Shout out to Charles! She’s pretty awesome)

Hope y’all have a great week!