You’ve had a birthday, shout hooray!


Me: Haha hey fam!
You: hey Elder Madsen! What does your subject line mean?
Me: good question! Thanks for asking. Let me tell ya!
*cue actual weekly*

So, man. We have celebrated a lotta birthdays this week. Well only two to be exact. But they were only one day apart. So we get a call at dinner this past week from this “crazy sister from Washington” (her words, not ours) haha. To surprise her super less active brother at work on his birthday. Haha! So she sent us money and we bought like 20 or so helium balloons and tons of party stuff and went to go surprise him but he surprised us cause when we walked in, he was on his way out. So it wasn’t very organized and we didn’t get a video of it. But we did sing still and got some pictures. Haha 🙂



Come listen to a prophet’s voice




Hello my dear friends and family members!

This week has been a wild one for sure. And by wild I mean quite normal. But a fun one no doubt. Haha 😂

Where has the week even gone? Good question. Who am I talking to? Another good question. Haha sorry. Anyway…

So we had a Zone Conference on Wednesday. We received some great instruction from the Assistants and President and Sister Wadsworth. Elder Bredsguard and I were able to give some training at the Zone break out session. We focused on covenant keeping and what that means as well as who we are as missionaries and as people. Our divine potential. We received some good feedback from the Zone. Some of the veteran missionaries stated how that was one of the best Zone breakout training sessions they have participated in. Thanks be to God for allowing the Spirit to be present and to guide us as we search ourselves for who we are and who we can be. The Heavenly spirits within us were certainly stirred as we discussed. President discussed how the principles of faith, power, and action are all given to us and what we can do with that knowledge and power and authority.

Much like General Conference, leaving Zone Conference is a saddening experience. The wonderful spirit felt there is then put to the test as we reenter the world. As President told me, it doesn’t matter how good a discussion was. What matters is what we decide to do with it. Likewise it doesn’t matter what school we go to, what career we choose, what kind of car we drive, if we dont better ourselves with what we have worked for. The scriptures, the living prophets, temples, missions don’t matter if we aren’t changed by them. Changed to be more like Him. I love this Gospel. But more importantly, I love a perfect God. Who loves me and forgives me and supports me even if and when I don’t always succeed. He will to you as well my dear brothers and sisters.

It is sad to see President Thomas Spencer Monson, Prophet of God, pass on through the veil and graduate from mortality. However, I have a testimony that God lives. That He has called another to take his place to continue preparing the world for the Second Coming of our Savior.

I love you all. I love this church. I love the Lord. There is nothing better I could be doing and have done. The blessings are incalculable.

This is my favorite Psalm and one of my very favorite songs that I sang in choir were based off of this verse of scripture:

1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

It’s gonna take work (forever more),
— Elder Harrison Madsen 🤙🏼

Peace in Christ


Hello my dearest friends and family!

Shout out to my father! The one and only Heath Madsen. Who reaches the ripe young age of 43 tomorrow. Way to go Dad. Congrats and Happy birthday!

My subject line is the new youth theme for 2018. Peace In Christ. I ask each of you to ponder what it means to you to have peace in Christ. And how you can increase your own peace in Him. The truly amazing thing is that Satan, the enemy of us all, can imitate every single emotion that we as humans feel up to and including the burning in the bosom. The only thing he cannot imitate is peace. I can tell you all that I have truly and do truly feel that peace. It is so liberating. I encourage you each to study Alma 5, the great self examination chapter in the Book of Mormon to see where you are at and where you can improve.

The news of President Monson is saddening but I am so happy he is with his dear wife again. He lived great. And died great in the eyes of God. Let us all try a little harder to be more like his wonderful example to us. Praise to the Man…

Elder Bredsguard had to go to urgent care the other day after cutting his leg. But it wasn’t too bad. They just gave him a tetanus shot and a band aid. Haha 🙂

We have Zone cneference this week. And interviews next week. It should be a wonderful time.

In short,
My week was really good 🙂 I was able to see some really good fruits. I feel like I’m finally being changed into a consecrated missionary as I seek to purify myself and I can see some great progression and also I can feel the difference. I feel so much closer to God. I feel like I’m getting to the point where I am starting to really get to know Him and His Son.

This life is wonderful. Sure it’s hard. But I know of no thing that comes easily that is ever worth it.

Elder Madsen



Look not behind thee

My boy Weston


Happy new year my friends! Or, in Hebrew, “שנה טובה” 🙂

I hope all is well with everyone. This is sobering time. I’ve thought a lot about the past year and the things I have learned. My “golden year” as a missionary is officially over. I asked Elder Wilcox what I should write about since there is so much I could mention. He said I should write about the hardest and easiest lessons I’ve learned this year. This year I learned what obedience really is and why it’s so important. That was a relatively easy lesson learned but it did come with a price. I learned Who Christ is. I learned Who my Father is. I learned how to trust Them. I learned moreso who I am and who I can become. I learned how to trust in the leadership of the mission. I sought to learn and apply humility. I learned about service. I found myself. I figured out why the mission is so important. I learned how much I love the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel. I could go on and on. But those are some of the main points.

I know the Church is true. And I’m so grateful for this chance to be a missionary. As short as my time seems. The time is indeed passing too quickly. While it is incredibly important to review the past in order to live in the present and prepare for the future, I remind each of us of to “look not behind”. Don’t dwell on the past. Whether that is withholding forgiveness from another person or ourselves, whether that is dwelling in the good old days and longing to live there, whether or not you made and kept New Years resolutions last year, whatever the case may be, remember to live in the present. Realize that we can change. We can progress. That is the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement of Him who makes ALL things possible.

Funny story, big fork got stuck on the side of the road. And we had to rescue them. Their truck got towed out the next morning 😂 it was super funny.

Also MLC got cancelled due to bad weather…. I was pretty sad about that.

But in all it’s been a great week and I am looking forward with an eye of faith to 2018 and the adventures that await all of us this year 🙂

Love you all! Keep the faith!


You’re a good man, Charlie Brown

My beautiful family on Christmas


Merry Christmas my dear friends and family!

I love you all so very much!

Thank you all to all who made Christmas Day a special one! I loved
loved loved my last Christmas as a missionary. We had the amazing
chance to serve at a homeless shelter that morning and then we have a
chance to open presents with a member family that we did service with.
Then we spent the whole day visiting members and those who were alone
this holiday season. We were able to go to the hospital and give
someone a blessing that had a heart attack. And then I was able to
Call my amazing family and talk with them. I love them so very much.
They are a light to my world. I encourage it should everyone of your
brothers and sisters to care about your family and love them and serve
them. It will make all the difference in the world. Both to them and
to you. I miss them but I am so happy to be here 🙂 there is no place
I’d rather be.

A few interesting things happen this week. We did a lot of driving.
And we got in a car wreck. And now I’m the designated driver. Haha 🙂
nobody was hurt so it was all good. We did get lost and ended up
almost outside of mission boundaries… that was a funny story.

We have MLC this week I am super excited because we get to go to the
temple it is my first time out see you so I’m excited to see what I
can learn and how I can improve my efforts as a missionary. I have
learned so much this area and I am so very blessed to be with Elder
Bredguard and to be in Kalispell at this time. I love the Lord so very
much and I’m happy to be His servant. Make sure that each of you take
time to light the world throughout your life rather than just during
this Christmas season. We can change the world brothers and sisters.
We can’t do it alone. But we can do a little bit at a time. And a
little by little makes a little a lot. Remember that and remember Him.
There’s so much good that we can do in the world today. And ask
yourself, “Have I any good in the world today?” if not I encourage
each and everyone of you to make the necessary changes. Keep the
faith. I love you all. This church is true. I have a testimony of the
Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The Prophet Noah came
before the flood. And the Prophet Joseph Smith came before the Fire.
Bid Babylon farewell, for God is calling. Take great care 🙂 and Merry

Our fancy tree, full of presents underneath