Bushel and peck

The most American picture ever taken

Good morning!

So we started the day playing frolf. That was pretty fun. And then we
just got back from a BBQ at the Guernsey’s. That was pretty fun. Then
we are gonna go and chill with the other Elders and the infamous
Brother Bailey. And then we have dinner at 6 with another BBQ. So
pretty sweet. Yeah I expect it would be a hard day for proselyting.
But it’s a good thing it’s Monday. Haha. My week was pretty good. It
flew by but was also super slow. It’s been raining off and on here.                                           And oh my word. The Missouri is getting
so high. Like onto the roads high. It’s pretty sweet.                                                                           I can’t wait to float it when I come back to visit 🙂

We had a very good exchange in Billings. I had the chance to go with Elder Leubke. We did a lot of walking and street contacting. And we actually got to do some service! I fixed up a lady’s lawnmower that was broken and finished mowing her lawn for her while Elder Leubke talked with her about the gospel. And now she’s a new investigator!

There were some other really cool miracles that happen this week. The Lord definitely watches out for us. Elder Wright and I have been doing lots of walking ourselves (because our truck is almost out of miles ha ha) which makes for good opportunities to talk to people on the street. I am loving the good weather here. Springtime is so nice.

I am super excited for MLC we get to go to the temple because it will be in Billings. I am so excited and so very very blessed. I know that this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. I am grateful each and every day to be a missionary for my Father. And I pray that I can be found worthy of this sacred call. It is a humbling experience each and every day to kneel down before my Maker and to plead with Him for my life and the lives of those that I work with. There is no greater call. I love it. These really are the best two years!

Love you so much. Thank you for everything! I’ll talk to you next week.


“Baby, with you and Sweet Baby Ray’s wing sauce, nothin’ can go wrong”



We have had a super good week full of exchanges and miracles.

In Fairfield, a super small town, we found 5 potential investigators in less than 2 hours. And then I totally obliterated my pants! Ha ha funny sorry but I got ’em fixed! As I hopped off the swing after taking a picture for a Facebook post the S-biner caught my pocket and totally shredded my pants!   Here I am sewing them back together cause they were the only slacks I had with me. But it worked out okay!

I got accepted into BYU-I. So we’ll see where that takes me.

I’m pretty sure my trainer got married this past week. So that’s odd.

Our investigator Adam accepted an invitation to baptism! His date is June 30 🙂 so that’s awesome.

Shout out to Uncle Jake and Aunt Courtney and my new cousin Malaki. They got sealed in the temple this week 🙂

Shout out to a good family friend, Richard, who is getting baptized in a few weeks 🙂 the Lord is so good to all of us.

We get to head to Billings today for exchanges with the Assistants. I’m pretty pumped. There’s also a good chance they might be giving us a new car while we are down there!

I’m so grateful to be a part of this work. My mission is everything to me. I love you all so much. Thank you for everything!!


Muddle through


This week’s Mother’s Day call; it is always nice to talk to you and the family; definitely highlights of my mission.

There is still so much I need to learn. It has me kind of anxious that I won’t be able to learn everything I need to before I go home. But I feel much different since I first came out. We have a golden investigator! His name is Adam.  I have been on exchanges for most of our last scheduled visits with him but he’s awesome!


There is so much to ponder and decide right now as well. I wrote this in my study journal:
“After conversing with the the Lord through earnest prayer seeking to
know His will I received an answer that I am to attend BYU- Idaho.
That this is the will of the Lord. Let it be known that this answer
did not come easily but through work and labor. It came slowly. And
warmth eventually enveloped my whole being. I know that this is the
Lord’s will”.

Indeed I had to ask many times, through study, searching, pondering
and praying. But I received my answer. Prayer is indeed a form of work. Despite my previous arguments and bitter feeling towards attending
BYU- Idaho I feel neither bitterness or argument.
I am filled with peace and love and I feel confident in the Lord
expects me to follow.

Happy Monday. And happy Mother’s Day 🙂 I’m thankful each and every day for you and your teachings to me.

I’m just thoroughly enjoying my time as a missionary. There is nothing better I have ever done. These are the hardest and best two years of my life. I will never regret serving. And my mission will truly never cease!

-Elder Madsen


Bye Kali




Hey fam. So I don’t have much time today, but I got transferred to Great Falls with Elder Wright. I’m excited to work hard here. It isn’t as pretty but it is great. Haha. No pun intended. And here’s some pics of some people I said bye to. I’m excited for Mother’s Day The church is true.


I have a testimony of the small and simple things. And hard work proving those small and simple things.

Over the Mountains and through the woods…



Hello one and all, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to another episode of Elder Madsen’s weekly email.

So we got transfer news, I’m headed to Great Falls to be with Elder Wright! We are in the same group. He’s a good missionary and I’m pretty pumped. But I am also very sad to be leaving the blessed land of Kalispell…

We had some cool things happen this week. So, I saw my first deer get shot. That was pretty awesome. I’m basically a professional hunter now. It’s ok Mom. I didn’t shoot the deer.

We went on exchanges with K 1 (finally) and did some good work together. The weather (up until Saturday night) has been so hot and good and nice. The sun is a shining. The grass is a greening. The birds are a singing and the yotes are a howling (seriously. They are so loud up here)

With the nice weather people have been starting to need us for service. So Saturday was all service basically. It was so fun. I love service.

We’re pretty busy today with transfer stuff and shopping. But I am doing well! I was very privileged to get a blessing from my bishop last night and feel much better about the coming transfer. I feel like Kalispell has truly become home for me and it will be hard to leave. And then Bishop Mathison paid me a greatly appreciated compliment. I love that man. He has done so much for not only the work in this area but for me personally. I will forever remember his example to me and the words he shared.

On a spiritual note, I have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants a lot more, recently. And wow. Who knew how much hidden stuff is in there?? So cool. So I would like to encourage each of you in your respective lives to “continue as you [commence]” I think that phrase is a new favorite of mine and a motto I have set for my life.

What does it mean to continue as you commence? Lots of us begin strong, but get burnt out easily and either make it to the end half heartedly, or give up all together. So to continue as you commence means not giving up or backing down. And pressing forward no matter what. Expect opposition, especially if you’re doing the right thing. But know that the Lord is your personal cheerleader in the most respectful form of the word.

I love you all. I’m grateful each and every day to be on the Lord’s errand. This is His work and I am His servant. I hope you have a great week! Continue as you commence!

It’s gonna take work,
— Elder Harrison Madsen 🤙🏼